Good Riddance Jerel Worthy

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Jerel Worthy

Jerel Worthy

For those of you wondering when 2012 second-round pick Jerel Worthy was finally going to get on the field for the Green Bay Packers again, the answer is never. The Packers traded the oft-injured defensive lineman to the New England Patriots on Tuesday.

They received a conditional late-round pick in return, which is actually better than what we thought they’d get — either a bag of chips or a sixer of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.

Worthy has been nothing short of a bust with the Packers. He was ineffective during his rookie season when he recorded 14 tackles and 2.5 sacks in 14 games. He had four starts that year before tearing his ACL late in the season.

That’s some B.J. Raji-level production.

In 2013, Worthy spent most of the season on the physically unable to perform list. When he did return from his ACL injury he couldn’t crack the rotation of what was a completely awful defensive line. Worthy played in just two games and had one tackle.

This season, Worthy showed up not fully recovered from back surgery and hasn’t taken part in a practice yet. Obviously, the Packers got tired of waiting around.

Frankly, it’s the right move, since Worthy was going to have issues making the roster anyway. He was listed behind both rookie Khyri Thornton and second-year player Josh Boyd on the depth chart, which would make him no better than the seventh defensive lineman.

In all likelihood, the Packers would rather keep a younger guy with some promise like undrafted free agent Mike Pennel or utilize the roster spot for another position.

Now, Worthy just needs to pass his physical with the Patriots, who love these cast-off type players, and then make the team. The conditional part of that draft pick likely means Worthy has to make the Pats’ opening day roster in order for the Packers to get any compensation.

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14 Comments on "Good Riddance Jerel Worthy"

  1. E. Wolf

    Trading a player drafted in the second round for a conditional late round pick. This is what is called mitigation of damages.

  2. Vijay

    “We’re not Worthy, we’re not Worthy” – Wayne Campbell and Garth Altar

    All kidding aside, another example of our GMs early round failures. When you build through the draft, and trade up for certain players, you had better not miss. Who knows, maybe he sticks in the NFL and grows to be an elite player someday…but still bad pick and even worse trade value today…not so smart Mr GM.

  3. GBslacker

    The trade likely will not be fulfilled.

    The “little procedure” on his back was likely a diskectomy — chopping out one of the rubbery cushions of his backbone. This seldom spells good news for huge men that torque their backs constantly.

    SIDENOTE: When in the fuck are these people going to learn that you don’t screw around with weights? Harrell, So’oto, and now Worthy…

    How do the Packers get rid of him, when he boomerangs?
    Injury settlement?

  4. Garth

    Agree with the weight lifting statement above. Squats can literally destroy your back (and your knees). I wished I’d never seen a squat rack back in HS and college. I had two discectomies because of it. I wonder if the trainers ever work with Russian kettlebells. It’s pretty good functional movement building strength and conditioning simultaneously. It’s used by the Russian special forces.

    Concerning early round failures, I also agree. At least Ted didn’t stay too attached to this mistake (Ron Wolf’s axiom). These things are sometimes balanced by guys like Shields, Bakhtiari and Starks. Keep your eyes on this Mike Pennel guy. He looks like a diamond in the rough. If he has found himself a good situation and has matured some through his college experiences, look out. This is a serious massive dude who can move pretty well. I have a real good feeling about him. I say we won’t miss Worthy at all.

  5. iltarion

    Yeah, TT has had a rough time in the 2nd round. Good call, VJ.

    Worthy was deemed worthy of the pick at the time. Injuries can derail anyone.

    Mike Daniels has turned into the player we needed. Does it matter who was drafted when?

    Getting ANYTHING for him is a bonus and a shrewd move. IF he passes his physical.

    I thought TT didn’t like to part with his high picks? Wrong again.

  6. Skinny

    The Pats haven’t done shit with their drafts or FA signings the last few years, im not worried that they know something about Worthy the Packers don’t here. The guy is never available, hes a tub guy. He has a long way to go to make any team.

  7. GBslacker

    I saw a McGinn tweet…

    “DE Kendall Reyes was guy #Packers wanted in 2012 D2. When he went 49 to #Chargers, GB panicked & traded up for Worthy at 51. Bad fit for 3-4”

    I saw a post on another site, saying we’re not getting shit in return for a 2nd round pick and to IR him yet again…
    …NO! bad backs don’t “heal” — time to move on.

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