Colt Lyerla Won’t Be Back Until Regular Season

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Colt Lyerla

Colt Lyerla

Undrafted rookie tight end Colt Lyerla was all the rage when training camp started. Now he’s an afterthought.

An injury will do that.

Lyerla, who injured his knee during Family Night, has a torn MCL and PCL and is expected to miss three more weeks. That means he won’t be back before training camp ends. It also means he has zero chance of making the Green Bay Packers opening day roster.

The only question now is if the Packers will just choose to release Lyerla or if they’ll put him on injured reserve. The latter designation means Lyerla won’t play or practice this season, but the Packers will retain his rights.

That would give Lyerla a chance to shake off the rust, make the team next year when he’s fully healthy and become the hero everyone seems to expect him to be.

Although he claimed not to understand the team’s options, it sounds like he does understand them and hopes the Packers choose injured reserve.

“I don’t know what they can do and can’t,” Lyerla said, “but I’m pretty much good with whatever they decide to do even if it’s IR. I feel like a year being here and being around the guys and being able to learn the system more will do a lot of good if it came to that.”

That’s probably true.

Lyerla will have to prove he can still play though. He has the physical tools, but prior to training camp, hadn’t played football since September of 2013. The rust showed during the first week of training camp.

If he makes it through to next year, he’ll pretty much be in the same situation.

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10 Comments on "Colt Lyerla Won’t Be Back Until Regular Season"

  1. Chad Lundberg

    Why is everyone so caught up on this Colt dude? We HAVE TE’s right now! We haven’t had a real chance to see what Bostick and Quarless can do together, give them a chance because I honestly think we’re in for a surprise. Those two will produce.

    I have always been curious to see what kind of numbers Quarless could put up on his own, and now we’ll see.

    Even if Colt is actually VERY talented, there’s just no such thing as a TE who plays like a pro in their first year! The only person who comes to mind is Rob Gronkowski who had 10 TD’s in his first year, but he still hadn’t emerged as a passing threat just yet.

    Colt. Is. A. PROJECT. He needs development because we can truly evaluate him first. I say this is a blessing in disguise.

  2. GBslacker

    I hope they put Colt on IR. If they cut him, somebody else will scoop him up.

    IMO, he’s better than Quarless, Taylor, Stoneburner, and Perillo.

    While he can’t play or practice, he can still sit in on meetings and use the facility to work out, right? I think he’s a keeper. We haven’t heard anything negative about him all summer.

    Bostick is coming on.
    And I’m very intrigued with Rodgers — geez, he looks like man-mountain. Imagine a lineman that can catch and run.
    If Bostick and Rodgers can continue to improve on their blocking — that’s one formidable option for a two-TE set.

    NOTE: I don’t care about speed at the TE position. Sure hands and a few yards — time-eating drives that keep the defense off the field.

    • Pack Morris

      Man, it honestly may be that much tougher for him to, well, keep his nose clean. I really hope they go IR with him and keep him around.

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