Brett Favre Number Retirement will Be in 2015

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Brett Favre

Brett Favre

The Green Bay Packers have been true to their word and won’t retire Brett Favre’s No. 4 this year. They will do it in 2015. Favre made that announcement on his website.

Here’s the full statement.

I’m pleased to announce that I will be returning to Green Bay, Wisconsin in 2015 for induction into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and retirement of my jersey.

It was a tremendous honor to play 16 years for the Green Bay Packers. Now to have my name placed among others such as Starr, Hornung, Kramer, Taylor, Lambeau, Nitschke, Lombardi, Davis, White and Hutson is a special honor that I share with all of my teammates and coaches, and that would not have been possible but for the foresight of Ron Wolf, the greatest GM In the history of the NFL.

I’m truly looking forward to celebrating and sharing this special moment with all of the great fans of the Green Bay Packers.

Go Packers!


Alright, you old scallywag, you got me with that Go Packers! line there. All is forgiven.

Well, let me think on that for a moment…

No. No, it isn’t.

Anyway, it appears the number will officially be retired when Favre is inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in July of 2015. Then it will be unveiled on the side of Lambeau Field during an undetermined game in 2015.

Having your number retired for the Green Bay Packers is really the ultimate honor. Unlike other teams who just retire numbers willy nilly, the Packers have only retired five numbers in their history, which dates back almost 100 years.

Think about that for a second. Of all of the players to come through Green Bay and of all the Hall of Famers — of which there are 27 — only five guys have gotten the nod. The Packers ring of honor has 21 names on it — all Hall of Famers except former general manager Ron Wolf.

No. 4 will go up with Tony Canadeo’s No. 3, Don Hutson’s No. 14, Bart Starr’s No. 15, Ray Nitschke’s No. 66 and Reggie White’s No. 92.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

22 Comments on "Brett Favre Number Retirement will Be in 2015"

  1. Mike R

    “and that would not have been possible but for the foresight of Ron Wolf, the greatest GM In the history of the NFL.”

    Com ‘on Brett. Can you manage to not use this opportunity to take a subtle shot at TT? No way that was not a dig. He wants the fans to forget and not boo him, but he obviously has not.

    • Savage57

      Wolf got him his coach, brought him in via the trade, signed Reggie, assembled a championship roster. Of course he’s gonna say Wolf was the greatest.

      Just like AR will say the same things about TT.

      • Mike R

        Trust me, I don’t care that much any more about Favre anymore. I respect him as a football player, but think everything else about him sucks. I want this shit to be done with so we can concentrate on the current Packers and winning a SB, stuff that actually matters. But if you think that him singling out Ron Wolf in that 3 paragraph post on his website wasn’t extremely out of context and odd to say, you need to wake up. This guy still has a ax to grind with certain people, and his prima donna/drama queen antics are well documented. Pick your head up off Favre’s cock for 5 minutes, and at least be willing to admit that he doesn’t walk on water.

  2. Deepsky

    I can just hear his retirement speech:

    “I’d like to take thank the TRUE Packer fans who supported me throughout my entire career”.

    And then I throw a brick through my big screen.

    • Deepsky

      Jeez, Favre just said it again in the press conference at 1:59pm today.

      “I know where true Packers’ fans hearts are.”

      No obviously you don’t Brett.

  3. Howard

    Favre has always tried the I’m just a good ol country bumpkin line. Favre is more conniving than most would want to believe. Hell Favre is so good at it he could be a politician. You know the ones that hold small kids in one hand while stealing their candy with the other.

  4. John

    It’s a great thing and about time!!! He ended the 29 year drought which I know most of you haters are too young to really remember ::

    Go Pack, Go Brett!!

    • Howard

      John: I happen to be old enough to remember. What I remember is we could not win cause we did not have a complete team. Brockington and the defense were great except no QB. Dickey, Coffman, Lofton etc. great but no defense. Sharpe, Paup, etc. very good but too young of a QB and no solid defense.

      Favre was part of a Super Bowl team with a great defense and special teams, including a great and balanced offense. Favre was not the only reason the Packers won the Super Bowl he was part of a great TEAM. Not the TEAM. I for one am not young and not a hater; however I understand as many do that it is no one person that makes a team, no matter how much they want to promote their importance.

  5. You Enjoy Myself

    I feel ashamed. We just let some whinny little bitch get his way, and eat his cake too.

    We let this happen…

  6. James Bennett

    Howard, every player who plays on a championship team is part of a great TEAM. Football is the ultimate team game and no individual player ever “wins” a championship.

    As for Favre, I’m glad to see this. The greatest quarterback in Green Bay history (chew on that for a moment) and probably one of the five greatest in NFL history deserves all of this acclaim. And I, for one, am tickled to death to see it. If there’s a hatchet out there somewhere, it’s long past time to bury it.

  7. Howard

    See that’s the thing about opinions. I do not need to chew on it. I believe Bart Starr is the greatest Packer QB in history.

      • Abe Frohman

        I think that’s EXACTLY Rodgers’ motivation for this season. Let’s stop talking about the dongslinger and notice that I just kicked his ass by winning a second super bowl – and an MVP in the process.

  8. James Bennett

    Howard, I’m going to assume you are old enough (as I am) to have watched Bart Starr play throughout his entire career. He was an excellent QB and consummate team leader. But if we’re honest, we’ll recognize he played the position under the most ideal of conditions. His offensive line was the greatest in NFL history, beyond all doubt. He had powerful running backs behind him in a system that was often ground oriented. He had tall and talented (although not burners) receivers to throw to. He was, in a popular phrase, a game manager and was freed up to be such. Although he didn’t have a strong arm (by NFL standards) he threw with timing and precision. Many decent NFL quarterbacks would have risen to elite status playing with all his advantages. For all of these reasons, Starr would rank behind Favre in the history of Green Bay quarterbacks.

  9. Howard

    James: it is great to debate someone without them calling others names first. Thank you.

    I did not get to see Starr in his early years (50s) In addition although all my dads many Brothers were from Wisconsin we did not live there; however that did not stop them from indoctrinating me at a young age. When the Packers were on the tube we watched Starr and the team and we always kept track of the team. It was not hard to as I was born in Sandpoint Idaho. I was also watched over the weekends occasionally by Jerry Kramer’s parents. It is a shame Mr. Kramer is not in the NFL hall of fame. I was in awe being able to go into Jerry’s room and look at the stuff he sent to his parents. Wow.

    So I would be sure that when Starr was in his early years I saw or heard the games, I just do not remember. I do remember the early 60’s. So yes I kept up with the Packers during most of Starr’s career. I know Starr did not start out good but neither did Favre in his first couple of years so I think we can throw out each QB’s first two or three years. Believe me after watching Favre those first two or three years I told anyone that would listen and several that would not that Favre would be the greatest QB in NFL history. I was wrong as I believe Favre lost his way as a QB after Holmgren left. Starr did have the benefit of Lombardi through out the majority of the 60’s.

    I do agree with your assessment that Starr had a great offensive line. I do not agree that the backs were so great specifically during the 65 to 67 seasons. Donny Anderson and Travis Williams were no Taylor and Hornung in their prime. Actually the Packers were in slow decline at the time of their Super Bowl teams. The description you give of Starr as a game manager with not a strong arm but who threw with timing and accuracy is the same description people give of Joe Montana. It pains me to write this but Joe Montana is the greatest QB in NFL history so I do not believe that description means Favre is a better QB because he had a stronger arm and was a so called gun slinger. One other thing that Starr had to deal with that is not mentioned is their was one hell of a lot of mean SOB’s in the league during Starr’s career. I am surprised any quarterback survived or receiver could get open. In the 60’s it was a game of punishment. Granted one of Favre’s attributes was availability and longevity but he was not dealing with the hits of the 60’s just like Rodgers does not have to deal with the hits of Favre’s early years. The point is you had to run more to punish the other team. I do believe Favre would have been a great player during that era and would have benefited from Lombardi.

    So here are some problems with putting Favre ahead of Starr. Favre has one Super Bowl ring and another Super bowl loss. Starr has five championships including two Super Bowl rings. Starr’s playoff percentage record is better than Favre by far and in the end that is really what counts. Starr’s interception to touchdown, YPP, and QB rating in playoffs and maybe regular season is considerably better than Favre. Favre lost multiple playoff games because of his mismanagement of the football (INT’s). Six against the Rams, four against the Vikings an 8-8 team at Lambeau, three against the Falcons ( I believe the first playoff loss in Lambeau history), an O.T playoff interception to the Eagles on one of the worst passes ever thrown, an O.T championship interception to the Giants on a fairly half hearted attempt to the sideline. If Favre could have continued his career like he had performed up to and including 98 I would have him ahead of Starr; however I just do not see it based on three or four very good years when Starr had basically a decade of championship level play while winning five NFL championships. Favre could have had more championships if he would have taken better care of the ball and that to me besides titles is the most critical part of being a great QB and Starr betters Favre in those categories.

    So I still stick with Starr as top Green Bay QB at this time. I would put Favre in the top ten in NFL history and second in Green Bay history at this time.

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