Aaron Rodgers Played Some Receiver Today

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Aaron Rodgers: wide receiver

The Green Bay Packers don’t have enough receivers*, so they decided to split quarterback Aaron Rodgers out wide at practice today.

* Of course they have enough receivers. They have too many.

Aaron Rodgers: wide receiver

Aaron Rodgers: wide receiver

Aaron Rodgers: wide receiver

We’re going to bet this happens exactly zero times during an actual game. Rodgers does not look like a natural catching the ball.

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    • He didn’t cradle it in his arms, he caught it with his hands like you’re supposed to. His eyes are closed, not watching it all the way into his hands; so he’s got something to work on before we surprise the Broncos with it in the Super Bowl.

  1. Skinny

    Remember when the Packers had that play where Favre would line up at WR and everyone would loose their shit about it?

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