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  1. T. Jervey

    Me thinks that is Davante Adams girlfriend.

  2. iltarion

    Props to Olivia for being willing to pose with someone prettier than herself.

    Nah, Jessica Simpson was just the next excuse as to why Tony Romo is Tony Romo. We all know by now.

  3. mike

    I bet his boyfriend is passed.

  4. Nei

    Aaron is gay and Olivia is just a beard. Why are you promoting this fake relationship? Is it because you can’t handle the truth about Aaron? If you want to know the truth about Aaron, ask his ex-boyfriend Kevin Lanflisi

  5. Fatt Mlynn

    Lol….. no one with a brain is believing this so called relationship. Even a blind man can see that they have NO chemistry. I wonder how long did Olivia sign up for to pretend to be Rodgers’ girlfriend? I’m sure she is getting paid handsomely.

    Poor Kevin.

  6. Tedtomato

    Wow..you purple shitfucks need to get over yourselves and your gay fetish with Rodgers!! Shouldnt you dumb fucks be licking teddy shitballs nuts?

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