Big Ted is Gonna Get a Big Deal

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Ted Thompson

Ted Thompson

You’re going to have Ted Thompson to kick around for some time, it appears. Barring something unforeseen, Thompson is getting a contract extension with the Packers.

Big Ted’s current contract runs through the 2016 draft. After the season, people started speculating that he likely would decide to retire soon.

Not so!

Big Ted says he’s just getting started and Packers president Mark Murphy says a new deal for Big Ted is a priority.

“It’s a top priority,” Murphy said.

Oh, a top priority! Sorry.

There’s also been talk of a contract extension for coach Mike McCarthy, meaning the Dynamic Duo of Big Ted and Buffoon will be the gifts that keep on giving.

And, as much as we like to complain about those two clowns, the Packers have won a few games since they’ve been around. So what the hell, right?

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10 Comments on "Big Ted is Gonna Get a Big Deal"

  1. Chad Lundberg

    It really depends on MM’s mood. That tightwad just doesn’t care if he’s predictable or not. How many games have we seen when the Packers have two+ score lead yet somehow let their opponents catch up again? And why? Because MM goes ULTRA conservative.

    One of the best examples at the top of my head is the 2011 season opener against the Saints. High, HIGH scoring game. Anyone with half a brain knows that with 20 mins left on the board, there’s going to be 4 or 5 more scores. But MM decides to go conservative anyway and lets New Orleans catch up. Just.. WHY???? It’s as if he thinks they were just going to give up and stopping passing the ball!!

    Yes he wins games, but by golly am I tired of seeing that over and over again. It was Rodgers that convinced him to keep going for it on 4th down in the season finale against Chicago. Hopefully AR will continue to tell him that he wants to run the offense differently and stop fatass MM from pulling his leg off the gas.

    • Phatgzus

      “Yes, he wins games, but…”

      “But” nothing, just win, baby, nothing after that matters.

      Who won that Saints game, btw? Yeah it took a goal-line stand, but they won. Who won the other meeting between the 2 teams? Oh, that’s right the Packers did, and they threw it late in the game on 3rd down as well, and got “bailed out” by an incredible catch from JJ/PI call.

      (On a side note, having seen these 2 games and the D’s we had those years, I don’t understand the Packer fan base’s fear of the hermetically-sealed ‘Aints).

  2. Howard

    One word that best describes Thompson is deliberate. That is usually a good quality in a major decision maker. Thompson actions ( or inactions to some) and speaking patterns indicate how deliberate he is. Murphy had better get going on that contract extension with deliberate Ted or it will not get done by 2016.

  3. C.C.

    Thompson has a couple years left on a contract. Nelson and Cobb have one. Maybe they should focus on a new “top priority” Thompson isn’t going anywhere..

  4. Packer Bob

    “And, as much as we like to complain about those two clowns, the Packers have won a few games since they’ve been around. So what the hell, right?”

    Don’t worry, scrote. Lots of tards hate to win. My ex-wife is tarded. She’s a Vikings fan now.

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