Packers Have Contacted League About Holding Draft

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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Roger Goodell

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Roger Goodell

The Green Bay Packers aren’t looking at holding the NFL Draft as some pie in the sky idea. They’re serious about it.

With the annual dog and pony show on the move from Radio City Music Hall, Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt first suggested that Green Bay would be interested.

The city won’t be getting the 2015 NFL Draft. The league has narrowed the location for that event down to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. However, that doesn’t mean that Green Bay couldn’t host the draft beyond 2015.

The Packers have already contacted the league about that possibility, according to team president Mark Murphy.

“(I) would like to see the draft held in Green Bay. The draft has been held in New York for many years now, and has built up a large following. Interestingly, the league used to hold the draft at team sites. The draft was held in Milwaukee in 1939. Staff from the league office have considered moving the draft to other locations. They’ve announced that they will hold next year’s draft in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, and will make a decision in the fall after studying the advantages of these sites. It would be great for the local community if the draft were held in Green Bay, and we’ve contacted the League regarding the specifications required for hosting the draft.”

Whether that means that the NFL will give Green Bay realistic consideration remains to be seen, but it’s not like we’re talking about the Super Bowl here. We’ve discussed why the city couldn’t host that event — primarily because it doesn’t have the infrastructure to accommodate the sheer number of guests, the amenities for the corporate sponsors and, probably, enough hookers.

The draft is a different animal, though. It’s a smaller event and doesn’t require the same infrastructure or amenities.

Radio City Music Hall, where the draft has been held in recent years, seats less than 10,000. Green Bay has similar venues in the Resch Center and the Weidner Center.

There seems to be nothing stopping the Packers and the city from trying to make this a reality. Then maybe some of these guys who get drafted by the Packers will have no choice but to know where Green Bay is.

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  1. therealChuckywasCecil

    This makes a lot more sense than the people who always want the Super Bowl in GB. If you’ve ever been to a Super Bowl AND to Green Bay, you’d understand why it is an impossibility.

  2. Howard

    There may not be a lot of hookers in Wisconsin; however there should be quite a few that could be put on a rail car and shipped in from Minnesota. The Vikings must support a whole stock yard of them.

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