Murphy Says the Packers are Playing in London

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Packers in London?

Packers in London?

After the shareholder’s meeting yesterday, Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy talked about the possibility of the team playing in one of the league’s annual London games.

It sounds like that’s happening at some point.

We know the Packers aren’t going to give up a home game to do so, so you don’t need to worry about that. They make too much money to give up a game at Lambeau Field. Not to mention, season ticket holders would lose their shit if they were getting one less game.

The Packers would be the away team in any London game. Only teams that suck and/or have shitty fan bases and can’t sell out home games end up being the home team in London.

That’s why the Jacksonville Jaguars have a four-year agreement to play games there.

And speaking of that junior varsity squad, the Packers are scheduled to play them in 2016. So that’s probably the contest right there.

“I think our fans here would love to travel to London, and I think it’d be a great experience. We’ll see. There’s only certain teams that play home games in London, so those kind of have to match up,” Murphy said. “The other issue, quite honestly, and I think we’ve talked about this before, is that we travel so well that teams are reluctant to give up a home game against the Packers to play in London because it’s typically a guaranteed sellout.”

Yeah, but the Jaguars couldn’t sell out your mother’s bathroom, so that doesn’t matter when they’re part of the equation.

At any rate, this seems like it would be a great excuse for all of us to go to London.

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13 Comments on "Murphy Says the Packers are Playing in London"

  1. Zwoeger

    I’m from the Netherlands. Those other cheese heads fiy.
    Nickednamed that way by the German (Käsekopfen) and Flamants from Belgium
    (Kaaskoppen) for instance.
    I’m 60 and we don’t grow old in our family.
    SoI would realy like that to happen during my lifetime and stil healthy.

  2. E. Wolf

    To the extent that traveling to London presents an additional burden to both teams, and thus amounts to some competitive disadavantage not just in that game but in the total amount of wear and tear accumulated as the season goes on, a disadvantage that may or may not be calculable, why on our God’s Green Earth is our President pushing for this?
    First he is sticking some lovefest reunion with you-know-who down our throats, a lovefest that not everyone is on board with, and thus reignites old acrimony and dissension among the ranks, and now this stupid comment which basically affirms “yes please, a competitive disadvantage for our team.”
    Not at all a Hall and Oates fan, but no other song could possibly be more appropriate. Mike Murphy, YOU ARE OUT OF TOUCH!

  3. Howard

    Well mates What a crikey this is. This is barmy. That wanker commish and tosser Murphy must have been smoking some wacky backy and getting on the piss in order to go off the trolley this bad. In order for Murphy to be snookered the commish must have photos of Murphy’s twig and berries. Murphy is to cheeky for someone about to throw a spanner in the works. Hopefully both of the wankers fall arse over tit.

    The NFL is cock up and are about to drop a clanger on this. The whole damn bunch should be detained at her majesty’s pleasure. What makes the NFL think they can take their John Thomas and stick it up the Packers arse. This is rubbish if those nancy boys at the NFL thinks they can continue to roger the packer and NFL fans by going across the pond every year.

    The English probably believe this is the bees knees. I say the NFL can suck our bollocks. this whole experiment is sixes and sevens. We say codswallop to the whole barmy mess. Bugger off Nancy boys. Pip pip.

  4. TyKo Steamboat

    Fuck this.

    England sucks a bag of wieners. Those bird-chested pussies don’t deserve the NFL over there. Nigel, Christopher & Jeeves can go ahead & watch kick ball during a cup of crappy tea & a scrumpet.

  5. Deepsky

    Hmmmm. I was at the Shareholder meeting and I heard what Murphy said and it sounded far less than certain that the Packers were playing in London.

  6. Abe Frohman

    There is one reason and one reason ONLY why the NFL does this every year: Money. They must make a ton of it. Boycott the game. Don’t watch it on TV if you’re so against it.

    Personally, as long as it’s structured around a bye week, I don’t really care.

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