McCarthy Says Everything is Rosy in Green Bay

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Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy have an argument

Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy have an argument

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy sure likes what he’s seen from the team so far this offseason.

So much so it’s like we’re in uncharted waters.

As we’re sure he always does this time of year, McCarthy is heaping the praise on quarterback Aaron Rodgers. McCarthy says Rodgers has had the best spring of his career, whatever that means.

“I think Aaron’s had probably his best spring, if I’m going to sit back and try to rank them,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “I’ll probably say the same thing next year. But I think he’s in great shape. We changed a lot of things to make things easier for some of the other players, the newer players coming in on offense, and I don’t think people realize when you’re in year 10, particularly year nine of an offense, the biggest change was for Aaron. But it was the best thing for the group, so he had a little more studying to do this year than in prior years. I think he’s handled that very well.”

So, yeah. That’s swell, but we all expect great things from Rodgers.

What about that Achilles heel of a defense? Oh, they’re breaking new ground too, you say?!

“I feel very good about our defense,” he said. “We’ve never been this far (along at this point of the year) as far as the mental consistency. … Our defense as far as communication and clearness of getting in and out of personnel groups is as good as I’ve remembered.”

Well, this is all great news!

Surely we can mark the Packers down for the Super Bowl based on these unprecedented findings!

Seriously, all of this is wonderful, but we won’t know anything about this team for a while. Aaron Rodgers will be Aaron Rodgers and the defense now has players that finally grasp the most basic concepts of that defense.

Maybe this is the year they finally understand the whole thing.

Then, look out!

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11 Comments on "McCarthy Says Everything is Rosy in Green Bay"

  1. At 5-2 last year, heading into the first Bear game, I kinda felt the same way. Everything seemed to be flowing together; the defense was looking fairly competent and the offense was looking unstoppable. Then….

    • Nurseratchett@work

      …the porous & pitiful O-Line allowed a rookie to clean A-Rog’s clock….

      How’s the O-Line looking?

      • Today it looks great. We have all those guys we’ve drafted the past three years all piled up, healthy and ready to go.

        Guess that’s all we can hope for at this point.

      • Phatgzus

        1. Rodgers was sacked scrambling to his right well after 5 seconds were up, and probably wouldn’t have been injured if he didn’t fight to stay on his feet.

        2. She McClellin, was a 2nd-year player, not a rookie.

        • iltarion

          Good call, Fat JC.

          Rodgers was standing in a perfect pocket and erroneously decided to scramble to his right, thus putting McClellin between he and Barclay.

          Then, Rodgers fought to stay on his feat rather than letting McClellin pull him down on first contact. Natural reaction for A-Rodge, but ultimately, very costly.

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