We Know Why Jordy Nelson Hasn’t Gotten a New Deal

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Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson

We’re sure you’ve heard about this a million times. Jordy Nelson is in the final year of his contract. The Green Bay Packers want to extend his deal.

So why isn’t a deal done already, then?

It isn’t done because Nelson is asking for $10 million a year.

He’s finishing up a three-year, $13.1 million deal, so that’s quite a jump.

There are a lot of things going on here, so let’s try to poke and prod all of them.

First of all, Nelson’s current contract turned out to be a hell of a deal… for the Packers. When Nelson signed that deal back in 2011, he hadn’t recorded a 1,000-yard season yet. In fact, he hand’t even recorded a 600-yard season. That year, he caught 68 balls for 1,263 yards and 15 touchdowns.

After an injury-plagued 2012, Nelson caught 85 balls for 1,314 yards and 8 touchdowns last season. He’s now without question the Packers No. 1 receiver.

Is he a $10-million-a-year guy?

Receiver is a funny position. The top-paid guys are not necessarily representative of the best receivers in the NFL.

Nine guys average more than $9 million per season. Among them are Mike Wallace ($12 million), Dwayne Bowe ($11.2 million), Percy Harvin ($10.7 million) and Greg Jennings ($9 million).

Is Nelson better than those guys? Yeah, I’d say he is.

So would he get $10 million on the open market? Nelson will only be 30 next season, so you can bet your ass he would.

That brings us to the Packers’ salary cap situation. They have salary cap room. Around $14 million, currently. That doesn’t mean they can throw a big chunk at Nelson though.

Randall Cobb also has a contract that will expire after this season.

As you’re well aware of, the Packers have been content to let receivers walk via free agency in recent years. They wouldn’t meet Greg Jennings’ ludicrous financial demands a year ago and they gave zero shits about James Jones this year.

The difference with Nelson is that, unlike Jennings, he isn’t a prima donna and unlike Jones, he’s a No. 1.

The question really is, are the Packers willing to pay Nelson elite receiver money? Secondary to that is, do they have the talent to replace him if he leaves?

We’re sure the Packers don’t want to pay Nelson $10 million a year. They’ve already got large chunks of money tied up in Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews. They will have some additional financial flexibility next season when Tramon Williams’ contract ($9.5 million cap hit this year) expires. However, if they gave Nelson $10 million a season, they’d have more than one-fourth of their cap tied up in three guys.

Is that justifiable? Probably not, especially for a team that drafted three receivers this year.

Part of the reason the Packers didn’t care about Jennings and Jones signing elsewhere is because they had replacements already on the roster. Nelson, Cobb, Jones and Jarrett Boykin made Jennings an afterthought. Adding second-round pick Davante Adams to that group should make Jones an afterthought.

And there are more young receivers waiting in the wings, including fifth-round pick Jared Abbrederis.

Do we want to lose Jordy Nelson? No, but that seems like a distinct possibility now and the Packers are well prepared if it happens.

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23 Comments on "We Know Why Jordy Nelson Hasn’t Gotten a New Deal"

  1. I’d REALLY hate to lose Nelson, but you’re right, we’ll be good either way.

    I consider Jordy a True Packer; keeps his ego in check, plays hard and clean, and KICKS ASS anyway. The perfect guy to have on the roster and a good example to other young Packers.

  2. Kato

    I am not sure they would be fine. If Jordy leaves and Cobb resigns, then you are looking at Cobb as the most experienced guy at 24 years old next year. Do you really want your entire corps made up of Cobb and then a bunch of 2 year players with little experience? Do you really want Cobb as your number one and Boykin, if he is resigned, as your number two? I dont feel good about that personally, especially without an established tight end currently on the roster.

  3. ferris

    They will work this out. Everyone thought Shields was walking too. Nelson will get paid he’s trying to make up for the discount for the past 3 years.

  4. rebelgb

    NO WAY Jordyn gets $10 million on the open market, he is white. No one is paying a white WR that.

    Call me racist and all the other shit u gonna say. Truth be truth.

    The Packers know this and Jody and his agent certainly know this; so expect him back with the Pack at around 7 mill a year.

    • Kato

      Guarantee he does. Who cares if he is white? Look at the film. Decker got like what, 8 million? and the feeling around the league is he isnt a number one receiver. Jordy is a #1. Maybe not a high end number one, but definitely middle of the road.

      • Phatgzus

        Jordy is a high-end number 1, any GM worth a damn knows that. I doubt the Pack want to pay him $10M./per, I doubt Jordy expects them to pay that much, and I doubt he wants to leave. This is a starting point, if anything I bet he’s looking for longevity.

    • Neder

      I gotta agree. The thought in the Packer locker room over the years is that Jordy has success partially because the black DBs don’t respect him and he blows by them. Oops. Jennings used to joke all the time about him being white. I could see some personnel men looking past Jordy because he doesn’t fit the prototype, hell they fall over themselves when a dude fits the prototype, ala Wallace. Look how good he really is/isn’t. Then there’s the whole AR makes any receiver good argument…..
      Love to keep him, but seems like just a 25% chance to me, eventho I made the argument to the former.

  5. TyKo Seamboat

    I certainly wonder if guys ever hold any ill-will amongst each other In their locker rooms for these sort of things. Especially guys that play the same position. (Nelson, Cobb)

    & I don’t just mean for the Packers either…all 32 teams.

    I would have a bit of a hard time knowing that someone of my equal on a stat sheet is making significantly more that I am….

  6. Howard

    Would hate to lose Nelson. Thompson’s MO of letting players walk after second contract and near age thirty is not a good sign. The one thing to keep in mind is the salary cap is suppose to raise by ten mil next year and be approx. seventeen mil higher by 2016. Hopefully it all works out and Nelson stays; however Thompson may wait until after the season if he is going to invest ten mil a year. I hope at least Cobb or Nelson get signed early this season leaving only one to deal with after the season.

  7. ay hombre

    Always been a huge fan of Jordy but what happened to all the talk about how “I won’t be able to spend the money from my last deal in this lifetime.”

    Fucking agents.

  8. GBslacker

    I like the Adams pick, but Abbrederis is a worry — with his build, and his concussion history.

    As far as Nelson, how long a contract do you offer him considering his age?
    I won’t be surprised if he walks — and earns big money elsewhere. Good for him.

    With Rodgers at QB, I’m not worried about receivers, or the offense.
    It’s the bullshit defense that will be this team’s downfall. I would love for the team to send a message to the under-performers: cut them!

    • TyKo Steamboat

      Right. I knew the all those WR’s from the draft would equate to the replacement of either Nelson or Cobb

    • Phatgzus

      Well, it depends on how it’s structured, but I believe he’ll have a good bit of gas left in 5 years; that’s just me….

  9. Deepsky

    $10 MM would be cheap for Nelson. I think he’s worth more than that. For pride alone he’s got to make more than Jennings.

  10. Lisa

    E Wolf, I am with you, Pay the man. He is a fantastic receiver, fantastic person, and any team is extremely lucky to have him. TT, don’t mess this one up.


    Yes Jordy is a stud as far as the WR position goes. However he has the BEST QB in the league throwing to him….With that said if he leaves he will not see the production he is seeing now. Therefore no one is going to pay that kind of money on the open market…..Then again if they see his numbers in GB they might….I dont see him leaving..He lives in Kansas for god sake Green Bay is like home to him!!….

  12. TylerB

    Deal is done. 4yr/39 million. Little less than 10 mill per year with 14 guaranteed. Great job by both sides getting deal done before season starts. Cobb next!

  13. Guys like Jordy should be trending after the Ray Rice elevator incident. Young guys teetering on the fence need a guy like Jordy to show them which side to jump off. He has class. Do your best to sign him Uncle Ted,please!

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