Kelly Hall Doing the Worm Because… Kelly Hall

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Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall

If I need to tell you who Kelly Hall is at this juncture then you probably have no business reading this post to begin with. But I will humor you nonetheless. Here’s a synopsis.

She’s engaged to Butterball. She has fake tits. She enjoys doing keg stands.

And those are the pertinent details.

Every year around this time, there is something that surfaces of Kelly Hall (and usually Butterball himself) at some rager of a party. Like the kind of parties you went to when you were in college. The kind of party you probably wouldn’t be caught dead at today. The kind of party where all kinds of bad decisions are made.

So, here’s Kelly Hall doing the worm because… class.

Just realized it was thursday.. tbt to the #7thannualHALLfourthofjuly .. #itsaHALLthing @hallla_10

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She probably would have been fun back when I lived on 813 Scott Ave. in Oshkosh.

(these guys)

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7 Comments on "Kelly Hall Doing the Worm Because… Kelly Hall"

  1. Tucson Packer

    I can just imagine the stellar, in depth conversations she must have.

    What would be funny would her trying to drive that car in the picture. Hell, any car.

  2. Tucson Packer

    Looks fade Butterball, then what will you have left? A bag of potatoes?

    But people of your “standard” will probably just divorce her based on looks and re “marry” someone else based on their looks. You “man” you

  3. With exception of Finley, all these pepole demonstrate one of the things that makes the Packers different., the quality of pepole the players are.Bully to you for getting a pic of Woodson’s wife-that has been impossible to find.

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