Go Buy These Green Bay Packers High Heels for Your Broad!

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Green Bay Packers high heels

Green Bay Packers high heels

Nothing says, “I’m a lady” like a pair of high heels adorned with an NFL team’s logo. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, but here’s a pair of Green Bay Packers high heels anyway.

You should run out and buy these for your broad right now! Because nothing says “I love you almost as much as I love me” than buying her a pair of shoes with your favorite football team’s logo on it.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news. I’m pretty sure you can’t buy these shoes anymore.

The long arm of the Green Bay Packers has most likely eliminated any chance you have of doing that. As best we can tell, they were being sold by someone on Etsy and now they aren’t anymore. You can still get a pair of Winnipeg Blue Bombers heels though.

You know how this works. The Green Bay Packers look for any sort of trademark infringement, i.e. people selling shit with their logo on that the Packers are not getting a piece of, send out their dogs and then kill and devour that person.

If this person thought they could fly under the radar, well, they were wrong. That’s all the Packers’ lawyers do all day. Threaten to sue people.

Sending out a non-stop barrage of cease and desist letters must be a very rewarding career. Maybe I should have been a lawyer…

Anyway, I don’t think I need my broad wearing a pair of Packers high heels. If she humors me with a hat or a shirt once in a while, that’s sufficient.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

14 Comments on "Go Buy These Green Bay Packers High Heels for Your Broad!"

  1. E. Wolf

    I do not like that sacred, illustrious oval G symbol being on footwear, subject to being scuffed and soiled. It looks particularly cheapened on amateurish job like this plastered three inch heels: PLATFORM heels, no less.

    Plus those sequins or whatever they are seem prone to falling off, tarnishing that symbol.
    Of course I do not like it on mens underwear, boxers or briefs, or on a snack helmet, or any other item that cheapens or defaces that most important symbol:


    Finally, the Packers will consistently field a competitive team provided they continue to enjoy one of the highest NET cashflows in the league. That money goes to players, coaches, and general management. I do not like that professional athletes make tens of millions of dollars. But they do, and so long as they do, may the Packers continue to do whatever is necessary to further their, or should one write “our,” raison d’etre and birthright: competing for and winning Super Bowl Championships.
    It is the same reason I will *ONLY* buy from the Packers Pro shop, unless they do not have what I want. If I buy anywhere else I am simply giving to the League. Keep defending that sacred symbol, Packers.

  2. Howard

    Monte you sound slightly pissed off have you been receiving additional best wishes and have a great life letters from your favorite attorney at the Packers office?

  3. The Money Mike

    Damn Wolfie I thought of you right away when I saw these, you love the team so much and are so positively outspoken of it I thought for sure you would get them for your woman and bang the shit outta her

    • E. Wolf

      What’s wrong with a female fitted t shirt, used as a negligee, cut just below her ass?
      I think these shoes look trashy and the placement of the oval g symbol subjects them to soiling and defacement.

  4. suz

    Those are stripper heels. I’m having mine custom made at North beach Leathers. They won’t be bedazzled.

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