Brett Favre’s Number Will Not Be Retired This Year

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The Brett Favre Beard

The Brett Favre Beard

Well, we know one guy who is breathing a huge sigh of relief right now. Minnesota Vikings legend Brett Favre will not be having his No. 4 retired at Lambeau Field this year.

We know the Green Bay Packers want to retire Favre’s number. We know they want to do it before he enters the Hall of Fame in 2016. We know they’ve talked to Favre about retiring his number.

So what’s the holdup?

Lord Favre does not fancy the prospect that he might get booed.

“He wouldn’t want to come back to be booed,” Packers president Mark Murphy said.

No he wouldn’t.

But he should have thought of that before he went and played for the Queens.

The Packers have also been trying to get Lord Favre back in town for a game. Not necessarily to do anything. Just to be at a game.

According to former teammate Stinky Chmumra, Lord Favre is worried about getting booed on that occasion as well. Again, Lord Favre should have thought of that earlier.

We’re all going to have to take our medicine here in one way or another. Lord Favre is going to have to endure some boos for his previous transgressions. Those of you who don’t want to see Lord Favre back in Green Bay are going to have to welcome him back anyway because the Packers don’t give a shit how you feel. And those of you who do want to see Lord Favre return, well, you’re going to have to deal with those people who don’t.

But not this year.

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38 Comments on "Brett Favre’s Number Will Not Be Retired This Year"

  1. E. Wolf

    hose of you who don’t want to see Lord Favre back in Green Bay are going to have to welcome him back anyway because the Packers don’t give a shit how you feel.

    No we do not have to welcome him back, even if one is resigned to this happening one way or another.

  2. the real russ letlow

    there are some folks who want to let Bert know how they feel . This year, next year or the next, I’m sure they’ll wait. There are going to be boos whenever.

    • E. Wolf

      No. I will not get over it. We were all looking down the barrel of a gun, standing on the razors edge, thanks to this man. If someone tried–but only just failed–to kill my pet cat or dog, am I supposed to forgive the dude as if it never happened? Should employees and enthusiasts of the fictional Blue Star airlines just pat Gordon Gekko on the back and buy him a beer after only narrowly failing in a bid for a hostile takeover? Hell, I should invite sucha fellow over to fuck my sister and mother.
      I feel like I am in one of those horror movies like invasion of the body snatchers where more and more people are turning. .. until I am the last one left.

      • Packer Bob

        You just compared retiring Favre’s number to someone killing your cat or dog. You really need to let it go. Life’s too short.

        • E. Wolf

          No I compared what he tried to do–making the Vikings Super Bowl Champions and ruining our team–to someone trying to kill my pet cat or dog.

  3. D.Otting

    Come on people! Get over it! Remember the Packers moved on with Rodgers too. Favre has his faults, however, he was a great Packer that gave us a Super Bowl win and thrilling games. Does anyone really remember Joe Namath as a Ram, Joe Montana as a Chief? We are not Bear/Viking fans. We have something they don’t: Class. I say Brett has nothing to worry about, any boos will be drowned out during the standing ovation.

  4. kato

    E wolf don’t you think you are over blowing it a bit? Almost killing a your pet? Wtf are you talking about? This isn’t even comparable. We are talking about a game you watch as a hobby, not life or death. I am as die hard a packer fan as it gets, I live behind enemy lines in Chicago and constantly battling bears fans. Yeah, what favre did was shitty and I hated him for it. But you know what? If he wasn’t in green bay in the first place there is a good chance we are not a relevant franchise in the first place. We might still be drowned in futility. Hard to project what would have happened if he never played for the packers but it is REAL hard to win in today’s NFL. Rodgers is over the whole thing and he was the one affected by it the most. You need to stop being a prima Donna and get over yourself

  5. kato

    OK if it is such an important part of your life than I would think you could surely appreciate favre bring back the franchise from the doldrums and giving it an identity. I think that alone forgives any past transgressions. Especially if you are the all world fan you say you are. As far as I am concerned if people boo him that is horseshit and it is hypocritical

  6. kato

    So you would rather he never played for the packers at all and they likely wouldn’t have two Lombardi trophies sitting in their trophy case? Makes perfect sense

    • the real russ letlow

      one trophy. And we drafted Mark Brunell and Matt Hasselbeck, so with Wolf and Holmgren around we would have had a very good chance of making the superbowl.

      • Phatgzus

        I’m sorry, but I just can’t agree with that. The suggestions that range from Lynn Dickey, to the Majik Man, and now Hasselbeck and Brunell could have won a SB are just too far-fetched. Favre beat out Majik, straight up, yeah he got injured, but it didn’t end his career, and yet the people with the most knowledge about the two’s abilities rolled with Favre. Mark Brunell had one of the better D’s in decades with the Jags and didn’t even make the SB: Favre made it twice and nearly brought home 2 Lombardi’s-if Freeman makes that 3rd-down catch, or the defense doesn’t get destroyed by one of the most talented RBs to ever play, that very possibly happens. Matt Hasselbeck had a fantastic RB in the prime of his career and a great D and couldn’t win a SB (sure the refs screwed them, but he still didn’t win one). Favre had D’s just as or nearly as bad as Dickey’s and still took them to the Playoffs. So what is there to show that any of these guys could have done what Favre did?

        Show the man some respect, whether you like him or not he was the most feared player in the NFL for a decade, the first to ever win 3 straight MVPs, a future HoFer, and one of the Greatest QBs AND playmakers to ever play. Talk shit about the man if you want, but this revisionism of Favre the football player is irresponsible and disparaging. What he did off the field in the offseason should not alter one’s perceptions of the man as a talent.

  7. MGB

    Favre is the man. Yes he made a mistake by playing for the purple homos but everyone needs to get over that and welcome him back. I personally cant wait to see him back at Lambeau.

  8. mike

    Packers fans are idiots. Got their feelings hurt because Favre didn’t ride into the sunset like a good little boy. They ship him off to New York then treat him as a traitor when he goes to a team that actually wants him. Ungrateful morons, if you ask me. Favre wasted 16 seasons on a classless fanbase, if you ask me.

  9. Deepsky

    It was in 2013, just over a year ago, that Brett Favre gave Greg Jennings advice on whether he should go to the Vikings and according to Greg, Brett told him “he would love the Vikings” and gushed about how great the organization was. This was only a year ago!! Favre STILL hates the Packers and I GUARANTEE once the media gets into his face again about retiring his jersey, he will backstab the fans and everyone in the organization again.

    • E. Wolf

      Hey Deepsky,

      This might play into our hands. From those who really want this to happen, Berty is coming across as a baby. It will be perceived as Favre again insulting the organziation and the fanbase through his egoism. Stay tuned.

      Ps–saw your comments on jsonline. Love it.

  10. kato

    And the sour vikings fans are here. Speaking of players wasting years playing for shit fan bases, poor Adrian Peterson

  11. That DD douche sure is a jealous cocksucker!! Do I go on a purple patsies website and talk shit? NO!! You viqueer loving dipshit need to get over your superiority complex!! Your team hasnt won shit..and the only reason we even acknowledge you because we love to rub your noses in shit!! Go eat a giant turd!!!

    • E. Wolf

      It all comes to show why the Vikings and their fans should be considered the enemy. Be that person a player or fan, you don the Vikings uniform or that Vikings garb, I hate your fucking guts with every fibre of my being. You wear those colors, YOU ARE THE ENEMY!

  12. Don Q

    Brent is starting to look more like King Friday every day. Just look at that cherry of a nose. Oh, and what are “wierds fuckers” DD? Can you elaborate bro?

  13. Daniel

    Damn, what a bunch of crybabies.
    You guys remind me of the Chiefs fans that cheered when their quarterback got hurt.

  14. nurseratchett

    Burt will be booed no matter when it happens. I say get it over with so we can stop wasting time on this ass hat.

    What a pansy football’s iron man has turned out to be…I mean, I knew he was a traitorous, cocktexting, hypocritical attention whore, but I had NO IDEA he’s ascared of being booed!

    “Mommy, Deanna, please make the drunk cheese heads stop!”

    GO PACK GO!!

    • E. Wolf

      HI nurse ratchet. I suggest you check out the followup article I wrote on this. I attribute it more to his egoism than anything. In this way, his egosim is causing him to turn his back on what appears to be a majority of Packers fans who for various reasons wish to make an incredible gesture of largesse and good will.

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