So, Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson Are Pretty Good

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Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson

Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson is the best QB/WR combination in the NFL. At least if you’re looking at statistics and boiling those statistics down to a three-year sample period.

Rodgers and Nelson have, by far, the highest quarterback-to-receiver rating in the NFL over the last three seasons. It’s a pretty astounding 143.9, which is more than 20 points higher than second place (123.0). That position is held by the not-so-shabby Peyton Manning to Demaryius Thomas combination.

See for yourself.

Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson

Where did this come from, you’re probably wondering?

Well, the other day, some tool said that Andy Dalton and A.J. Green were the best QB/WR combination in the NFL. That tool was their offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson.

The Red Rifle. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

So the Washington Post went and actually pulled some stats to find out who was really the best combo in the NFL.

Here are Rodgers’ and Nelson’s numbers over the past three seasons: 224 attempts, 158 completions (70.5 percent), 2,683 yards, 26 touchdowns and three interceptions.

Now, for the sake of posterity.


Jordy Nelson

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12 Comments on "So, Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson Are Pretty Good"

  1. Kristofer

    Nfl network was talking about hue Jackson’s quote today so the hosts of the show were coming up with who they thought was the best and rodgers / nelson never even came into the conversation. Pitiful.

    • E. Wolf

      It is a good thing. The Packers are under the radar this year. We lay in wait, lurking in the darkness, ready to pounce.

  2. E. Wolf

    Jordy Nelson is very underrated, and that is the way I like it. He reminds me a lot of Steve Largent.
    He is a real Packer who wants to continue to be a Packer, and has intimated he will take a discount to stay a Packer. Very much in the mold of Leroy Butler or Donald Driver, or even Charles Woodson if Ted did not screw him over.
    At about 2:40 there is the Giants game in 2010 where Jordy Nelson breaks free for an 85 yd TD strike. I was there.

  3. Nacho dan

    I haven’t watched nfl network since I found I don’t need to know about what the cowboys are up to today or Andy dalton for that matter.

  4. Howard

    Wait till Lacy starts pulling eight defenders into the box with Rodgers healthy. Rodgers and Nelson will better the 143.9 rating. When the hell is the season going to start!! Cannot wait much longer. Any Vikings or Cowboys get arrested yet?

  5. C.C.

    Douchebag Skip Bayless has been proclaiming for 2 years that Cutler to Marshall is the best QB/WR combination in the NFL. I would say he should check these stats but with his undoubted loyalty to hate on GB it wouldn’t matter anyways. I was at that game in SF where Jordy caught that ball on the sideline with my Packers shirt on, 45 yard line, 4th row. Go Pack Go!!

  6. Phatgzus

    I knew they were great, but that completion % and rating is unreal; I couldn’t even do that on Madden on Pro mode.

    That GIF doesn’t even show Rodgers scrambling to his left and throwing the ball 40 yards down field either. Just watch either of their highlight tapes from last year, some of Jordy’s catches are absolutely ridiculous.

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