Who Wants to Go to the Packers Shareholder’s Meeting?

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Packers shareholder's meeting tickets

Packers shareholder's meeting tickets

It’s almost that time of year again. Time for the annual circle jerk known as the Green Bay Packers shareholder’s meeting. And like I did last year, I’m giving my tickets away.

So you, yes YOU, can go pretend you’re a shareholder even if you’re not. Then you can say things like…

“Man, I wasted $275 on this worthless piece of stock. All I ever get out of it are these crummy tickets to the shareholder’s meeting.”


“I own 1/4,738,027th of an NFL team, bitch!”


“Nonprofit corporation, my ass!”

Now, I’m not going to tell you this is some great, entertaining event. It isn’t. You do get to go hang out at Lambeau though and you do get to sit in the bowl for a while. You also don’t have to pay a “nonprofit” corporation a bunch of money for “stock” that is never going to increase in value for entry.

Besides that, you get to see some of the Packers brass and while it isn’t a game, it also doesn’t cost as much as a game.

So here it is. I’ve got eight tickets. My roommate, Aaron Druckenbrod, has generously included his in this giveaway. I’m going to give them away in sets of two.

Last year, I asked the people I gave the tickets away to to make some sort of sign that said TotalPackers.com on it and take it to the event. They were supposed to send pictures.

Of course, I never heard from them again.

So much for appreciation.

At any rate, if you want a pair of tickets, give us a good reason why you should get them in the comments. And yeah, you’ll get stronger consideration if you’re willing to go along with our asinine plan of taking a sign that says TotalPackers.com on it to the event.

The meeting is July 24 at 11 a.m.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

11 Comments on "Who Wants to Go to the Packers Shareholder’s Meeting?"

  1. Dan

    I do not want them in a box
    I do not want them with a fox
    I do not want them in June or May
    To me please do not give them away
    (Seriously just give them to Diana)

  2. Carlos Goodman

    My son, Wayne, has never been to Lambeau. As a GM of a BWW and a busy, busy schedule during the fall, it is very hard for me to take time away during football season to take the lil fella. It would be a dream come true for him. He would definitely make a don a sign. Just imagine the attention a youngster holding the sign would attract compared to a grown man people assume is simply trying to pimp their own site. Fellow shareholders would likely ask Wayne if that’s his own site or why he is holding the sign. Now, I will not allow him to go on this site, as come of the content is not age appropriate for him, but he knows his father is a loyal reader and would put in a good word for Monty and the rest of the gang. As well as a no brainer marketing opportunity, a lil fella’s dream would come true.

  3. Dan the Fan

    I’d love to have them.. Unfortunately I was damned to be born in Georgia and damned once again to have a low paying job.

  4. Deepsky

    I have 8 tickets too. Not sure if I’ll go or not, living a couple states away.

    Anyway, for all those who make fun of us stock owners, realize, its legitimate stock. The Packers have to file with the SEC because it is real stock. We Packer fans vote on the board of directors because its real stock. Just because it doesn’t trade, it has no value and it doesn’t pay a dividend doesn’t mean it isn’t a stock. Lots of stocks are like that.

  5. elafave

    Shit. I’ll take a couple. I was gonna go to the Hall of Fame dinner but never got back to whoever I had to to attend. Saves me 450 bills. I live close to 1265 though and go to a lot of shit. I guess if you got no one better to give them to, I’ll go, and rep TOTALPACKERS all day long.

    Get at me Monty.

  6. Bev Tighe

    Our family of five is driving up from Tulsa, Oklahoma but we only have four tickets to the shareholders meeting. Please share just one?

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