Kelly Hall is Back (In a Bikini)

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Kelly Hall

You remember Kelly Hall. She’s engaged to Detroit Lions quarterback Butterball.

Last weekend, she went to the Bahamas for some other broad’s bachelorette party. What did we get from this? Well, jack shit. Except for these pictures of Kelly and her fake tits in a bikini.

She’s still lookin’ alright.

She’s no Olivia Munn, but that stands to reason. Butterball is no Aaron Rodgers.

At any rate, they called this weekend party gizzjam. Why? I don’t know. Why do broads do anything? I’ll let you speculate about that for a while.

Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall

Yes, I realize there’s no bikini in that last photo, but holy fuck! Do you see that chick on the left?! Kelly may as well not even be in the picture. I mean, that’s gorgeous. Stop by my place. I’ll treat you right!

Kelly Hall

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14 Comments on "Kelly Hall is Back (In a Bikini)"

  1. The Money Mike

    Seriously though its like this bitch is still in college, note how butterball isn’t there, I’m sure with his new contract he has to toe the line and “grow up”. I see this marriage ala Chris Cooley, hot chick sticks around during fame and money, bitch hits the road when it ends.

  2. Iltarion

    That is one great ass, boys, and I thought her boobs were her best feature.

    She comes off as a total slut, but since I’m not dating her, I don’t care.

    This is GREAT work, Monty. Appreciated.

  3. E. Wolf

    What the fuck is gizzjam? Misspelling of Gomer Pyle’s Shizamm? Or is it a concentrate consisting of men’s semen (gizz), ostensibly taken multiple partners in a fit of wanton debauchery, formed into a preserve for oral consumption as a topping or condiment on baked goods?

  4. Phatgzus

    Holy shit her friend in the second to last pic is gorgeous, Victoria’s Secret beautiful. When you’re that attractive you dont need fake tits or thong bikinis to get attention.

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