Julius Peppers Bought a New Mansion

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Julius Peppers home

Julius Peppers home

Green Bay Packers defensive end Julius Peppers went and bought himself a new home yesterday. Unfortunately for you stalkers out there, it’s not in Wisconsin.

It’s in Coral Gables, Florida and it cost Peppers a cool $5.18 million. No problem for him though. That’s just a bit over half of his salary this year.

So this bad boy is 9,100 square feet, has eight bedrooms, 7.5 baths, a library, wine cellar, chef’s kitchen and staff quarters. It sits on 1.34 acres. 

If you feel like inviting yourself over — and we encourage you to do so — the joint is at 10700 Snapper Creek Road.

Now, take a look at this place.

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13 Comments on "Julius Peppers Bought a New Mansion"

  1. Arcturus

    We’ll be reading about this fool in 10 years just like we read about MC Hammer now. These guys don’t understand money.

  2. Justin morrow

    If he paid cash he will be just fine. Can’t lose if you own real estate with no loan. Probably not the best decision for not being his primary residence, but I have seen worse spending habits from athletes.

  3. Nacho Libre

    I heard kaepernick bought himself a robotic dildo with all that $$ he just received, which I think is too much for an over rated, Super Bowl losing squidworth looking piece of shit QB. Talk about bad spending habits by athletes, the forty whiners organization’s ears are burning..

    • Phatgzus

      Haha, Squidworth, he does look like him; I’d bet he enjoys playing the clarinet just as much as well…

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