Jordy Nelson is Pissed at the Scalpers

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Jordy Nelson commercial

Jordy Nelson commercial

Jordy Nelson is taking over the annual Green Bay Packers charity softball game that used to be hosted by Donald Driver, this year.

Someone else might be taking it over next year if Nelson doesn’t get a new contract, but that’s another issue. Jordy is none too happy with one aspect of the game, which takes place on Sunday.

People are scalping tickets. Not in the traditional way where you stand outside an event with a sign that says “Need Tickets” pretending you’re going to the event, but in reality just trying to acquire cheap tickets in order to sell them at a profit. Instead, people bought tickets to the softball game and they’re selling them on the secondary market for a profit.

Our guess is, this is primarily being done by scumbag ticket brokers because that’s what they do. Buy tickets for events they know will be popular at face and then mark them up on the secondary market, essentially locking out a number of actual fans. However, we’re sure some regular people are probably trying to turn a profit too.

Probably the same shitheads that have season tickets and sell them to fans of the opposing team.

Anyway, that’s one thing. The Packers sure as hell aren’t giving you those tickets for cheap, so go and try to recoup your money if you can’t go to the game.

This, on the other hand, is a charity event. The proceeds go to Youth First, an organization for kids from middle school through college.

But fuck those kids! Why shouldn’t you make some money off of them?! Capitalism! Wooooooo!

“It’s disappointing if people are trying to make money off of that. People are just trying to come out and have a good time and aren’t going to be able to because it costs too much. All the tickets are gone, but seats won’t be full. That would be disappointing, because it’s there for the charity, it’s there to have fun, it’s there to see us in a whole different element. I’ve played in it a few times and it’s a lot of fun for us and I know it’s a lot of fun for the fans to see us kind of be us. Not be the serious guys on the field that are focused. We kind of let it down and hang out and have a good time,” Jordy told Fox Sports.

Tickets originally ranged from $12 to $50. They’re currently priced from $28.95 to $73.50 on Stubhub. Word is, some tickets were on there for $100 a piece.

It’s almost as if ticket resales sites should have a policy where they won’t resell tickets to charity events. It would probably dissuade ticket brokers and the like from even buying these tickets up in the first place. We’re sure that’s way too much to ask for though.

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6 Comments on "Jordy Nelson is Pissed at the Scalpers"

    • dj

      Cause Wisconsin is a whole lot different than Kansas once you’ve left and gone to a state that isn’t one giant cornfield

  1. Howard

    I say string the fucking scalpers up in a chicken suit and treat them like a piñata.If you hit them enough times there would probably be a bunch of shit come out. There will be bats available for all, no charge unless you want to make a donation to a worthy cause.

  2. MADCity Packer Fan

    Yeah DJ StubHub is TOTALLY a Wisconsin website!? Obviously, this is bullshit and Jordy is correct in his assessment you fucking jackass! Just filthy ticket houses trying to turn a profit off a charity event! They are SCUM as per usual!

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