Check Out This Idiot Detroit Lions Fan

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Detroit Lions Super Bowl tattoo

I don’t think I even need to make a comment on this, so I’ll just get to the backstory. A Detroit Lions fan — David Morian — went on the Dave and Chuck The Freak Morning Show in Ferndale, Michigan this morning and got this tattoo.

Yes, he had it done during the show. Why, you might ask?

A Seattle Seahawks fan did something similar before the season last year and they won the Super Bowl. So obviously, this tactic works.

The Detroit Lions have never played in a Super Bowl. This is the year, though.

Detroit Lions Super Bowl tattoo


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9 Comments on "Check Out This Idiot Detroit Lions Fan"

  1. Nacho dan

    He could always change the 1 to a 4 and hope he dies before then. Detroit always champs of the off season then week four comes and there shooting for a high draft pick.

  2. therealChuckywasCecil

    2015 Champs? I guess he’s buying himself two years. Technically this years winner will be 2014 champs which means we win our 14th in 2014!

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