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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

33 Comments on "Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Has Some Wisdom for You"

  1. E. Wolf

    And my personal dilemma pitting my love for the Green Bay Packers and my disdain for a certain type of professional athlete carries on.
    Salute the uniform, and not always the player.

  2. rebelgb

    This guy has black thug written all over him. Thats ok, maybe this team needs some of that. As long as he stays off my white woman im fine.

    Actually he can have her as long as he keeps her, the child support I would get would make it all worth it…..

    • E. Wolf

      Like everyone, I was pretty excited that he fell to us. But I have learned over the years that no one truly knows how a draft selection will turn out till about two years after the fact.
      I will say however that his facial expressions upon selection gave me pause, among other small clues as to character, including the smoking jacket. I wrote a friend that he faintly reminded me of Leon in those bud light commercials. Or was it Budweiser?

    • K.L.

      And you have racist, republican dick written all over you. Go join the shit Vikings fan base. You’d fit right in.

      • dj

        From my general experience Viking fans tend to be a little less racist than Packer fans. Not that that’s saying much.

        Can’t you just call him a nigger instead of a thug. We all know what you want to say.

        • EuroNFLOwner

          As a (white, but still) foreigner who visited both Lambeau and the Metrodome, can confirm that Packer fans are a little bit less open minded. Lambeau was still by far my best sports experience and in no way I will stop hating the purple scum just because they offered me a burger.

        • Phatgzus

          Ignore rebel, he’s either a wannabe shock jock, or a wannabe Simple Jack with fewer brain cells than testicles-0.

  3. Nn Fuckin' Dickey

    A Very Strange Article. C’mon guys let’s nip the racism in the bud. Leave that shit for the morons in Minnesota.

    • E. Wolf

      Good god my eyes are rolling. Expressing unease at such conduct does not make one a racist. Racism or more to the point bigotry would not allow one to admire or revere the likes of Reggie White or Charles Woodson.

      Do you carry on this way if observant Jews, to name just one ethnic group, express disapproval of relations with gentiles? What about ethnic Koreans, who are known to disown their daughters for dating outside the Korean community?

      It is one thing if two people just happen to like each other, but it seems that the powers that be are promoting and pushing this sort of thing with profligate fervor.

      Finally, to use the word “date” in this context is certainly a euphenism.

      • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

        Why is that “certainly” a eupheMism? Hmm?? What about a black man dating white women makes you uneasy?

        To your questions, if we had drafted Hiram Clinton-Dix or HaHa Kim-Sung-Dongs, I’d feel the same way. Let him do what he wants, he’s not my son. He’s free to date whoever he pleases, as long as both parties are consenting adults. His father, and the father of the woman he dates, may have different feelings.

        In this instance, you are not showing displeasure with your son, someone with your shared culture and creed, dating outside of the race or religion. You are talking about some kid you don’t even know and disapproving of him dating women that you don’t even know, because he is black and they are white.

        And that, my friend, is kind of racist.

        • E. Wolf

          Sorry but I do not shut off my mind and head for the briar patch because something is racist. I roll my eyes because it is a ad hominem used as a bludgeoning tool to silence. I frankly do not give a shit or something is racist or not. I only care if it is true.
          Obviously, what people do outside one’s immediate family still affects them. In any case, I dissaprove of this sort of thing, particularly when it is some sort of fetish. We are never going to agree, and this is really tangential to the raison-d-etre of this board and indeed our fandom. So let’s stick to football, although again stories like this remind me to salute the uniform, but not always the player.

          • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

            Wolfy I’m usually with you, I think the label “racist” is bandied about far too often and casually, and usually unwarranted. However, in this instance, I think your prejudice is showing. You are literally saying you disapprove of interracial dating, but can’t explain why.

            But yes, let’s leave it at that and get back to football.

          • E. Wolf

            Not to be pedantic, but prejudice is not the same thing as bigotry. It is a subtle distinction to some, but I think it is profoundly important. Everyone is prejudiced. That is because certain archetypes hold true. One has a certain prejudice for certain breeds of dogs rightly known to be have aggressive tendencies. It holds true with humans too. Just think which ethnic groups are known to have noteworthy proclivities in math and basketball, for instance.
            Oh and I did explain why, at least by inference, by submitting two groups that traditionally oppose it: nationalistic Jews and ethnic Koreans. The reason they oppose it is because if everyone in their group does it, their group ceases to be.
            I will confess that I am quite proud of my European heritage, as I am somewhat alienated from the country I was born in, the latter for far too many reasons to enumerate here. One example of the many, seemingly endless problems I have with modern America is the student loan crisis or scandal and how this country has devalued the currency of higher education, completely disenfranchising several generations now and counting.
            But I digress. I am proud of my European heritage and feel that it should be preserved and protected, just like my Korean and jewish counterparts do. Of course, many in the black community feel the same way as I do.
            This will be the last I will comment on this for now.
            Relating it all back to Packers football, it just comes to show that I–or any fan–will not necessarily like each and every player on a personal level. I guess we all do the sort of mental gymnastics that Steeler fans do with Ben Roethlisberger, liking him as a player and separating that from who he is as a person.

  4. Cheese

    So is this a twitter post, an interview with the Press Gazette, or a hidden conversation with Donald Sterlings wife?

    Way to have no description at all.

  5. MGP

    For God Sake :-)

    Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is a young man and football player, who recently signed a very good contract.

    He probably wants to fuck any women nearby! :-)

  6. Phatgzus

    Who cares, really? He can date whoever the Hell he wants, shack up with Carrot Top if he wiishes-he’s like a roided-out chick-this is a non-issue. He was likely being jocular. Even if he were serious, if he that’s his own damn choice, not like it affects any of us.

  7. Iltarion

    It is actually a racist comment and TERRIFICALLY inaccurate too.

    But, I don’t give a shit. Its twitter and its a free country.

    If you think about it, we got this all backwards. You can’t stop, slow down, or any way touch racism by banning people from expressing it. By punishing anyone who expresses views we find intolerable, we don’t change their view, not one iota. We merely stop them from expressing it. As a result, we have no damn idea who has “intolerable” views and who does not. As a result of that, EVERYONE is assumed to have intolerable views!

    In short, as crazy as it may sound, as a society, we should be encouraging the expression of these views. It at least shows us who these people are and how many of them there are.

    In other news, congratulations is in order for multi-culturalism. In the 80s, before its advent, it was estimated that about 60% of whites were racist. Now, 30 years later, it is estimated that 70% of EVERYONE is racist.

    That is a proud achievement. Props.

  8. Reading E. Wolf’s comments make me fucking sick. Excuse me motherfucker, but I’m a Packer fan too, and you’re giving Packer fans a bad name, a Packer fan like you.
    Did you really just compare people with different skin colors to different breeds of dog? Human genes are nowhere near as varied as dog genes. Perceived differences in skills among certain ethnic groups has everything to do with upbringing, education and other socioeconomic factors, and little to do with genetics. This is probably falling on deaf ears, but the point is this; shut your got damned suck hole, E. Wolf.

    • E. Wolf

      And fuck you too. I don’t care what you think.
      The dog breed bit is an analogy, an imperfect one perhaps, but bears on most points.
      Anyway, such discussions are not the reason for this board. I have said my peace and not attempt to refute your silly talking point that everything is cultural, and nothing is it at all genetic predisposition.
      I will note however that no one refuted my contention concerning other groups resistance to this or, far more importantly, that such considerations are essential if that ethnic identity is to carry on into posterity.

      • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

        I was going to stay quiet, but no one has addressed that last point because it’s fucking retarded. There are no pure cultures or ethnicities, all nationalities are mixtures of genetic populations. Even your Aryan master race was a mongrel mix of Germanic tribes, Norsemen, Romans/Latins, Jews, Gypsies. The Koreans you speak of may wish the keep their genetic purity or whatever but the Koreans have significant Chinese, Japanese, Mongol, and Siberian blood. Hasidic Jews are a different beast entirely; the Hasidim are a religious sect, not an ethnicity. There are Semitic Hasidim, Ashkenazi Hasidim, even Ethiopian (aka black) Hasidim. If you are referring to Israelis when you say “nationalistic jews” you are again wrong. Israel is a state composed of Jews from all over the world. Russian/Slavic Jews, African Jews, Levantine Jews, Latin/Spanish Jews, the domesticated North American Jews, etc.

        Is it wrong for a Korean to want his daughter to marry another Korean? Of course not. Is it wrong for him to forbid his daughter from marrying outside their ethnicity? Yes. A subtle difference.

        Who decides what is “pure” anyway? Are you against an Italian man marrying an Irish girl? After all, they are both “white.” How about a Swede and Dane? Close enough?

        I think part of the issue is that you are ascribing cultural traits to genetic traits. Asians aren’t better at math because they have a superior math gene. They are better at math because their culture places a higher premium on education.

        • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

          ^^^lookit this nerd talking about non-football shit hey who would you rather bone Stafford’s slag or Cutler’s slag

        • E. Wolf

          Very briefly, it is more complex than that. The groups you mention intermingling are not disparate the way this sort of thing is. Italians, Germans, Irish, Scots and so on are culturally and racially related, in part because of their geographical proxmity. It is a false analogy.
          I actually really respect Korean culture specifically, and Asian culture generally. Those people have been fighting for centuries and are tough people. That is why I agree with Korean families who want their posterity to remain Korean.
          Btw, I knew a Korean girl–very sexy, very intelligent–who was engaged to a Jewish guy, both received a lot of flak from both sides of their families. She told me of at least one occasion where a friend of hers was disowned outright for doing the same thing. I kept my dissproval to myself, but I’d like to see the planet continue to be populated with people like Una, just as I want it to continue to be populated with people who look like I do, or who are slightly better expressions of my heritage (such as Amy Adams or Charlize Theron and their male counterparts). This means Una really ought to have found someone of her own background.
          Anyway, we are not going to agree on this at all. If you want to continue this discussion in private, contact Monty and he will give you my throwaway email. I will say however its pretty fucking obvious that genetics are part of it. Hear me now and believe me later.

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