Brett Favre Wants You to Vote Thad Cochran

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Brett Favre for Thad Cochran

Brett Favre for Thad Cochran

Well, maybe not you exactly, but he wants the people of Mississippi to vote Thad Cochran. Brett Favre has thrown his support (and his bearded face) behind the GOP senator in an ad.

What do we get from this ad? Not much.

Apparently, Thad Cochran gets money for schools though. And how could you vote against someone who gets money for schools? Also, Katrina!

Old Lord Favre makes sure to throw in that buzzword. Thad Cochran was there after Katrina!

Was he out there sucking up water from the streets with his Shop Vac or building makeshift shelters out of tree branches and yarn? Not clear.

The important thing is, Katrina! And schools!

Seriously, the ad focuses on leadership. Because you know old Thad, he’s got that leadership gumbo a cookin’!

They should have a catchy slogan. Something like…

Brett Favre knows leadership and Brett Favre knows Thad Cochran. There MUST be a connection there.

Cochran, who has been in the Senate since 1978, faces state Senator Chris McDaniel in a primary runoff on June 24. Now do as Lord Favre commands and vote Thad Cochran!

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13 Comments on "Brett Favre Wants You to Vote Thad Cochran"

  1. Howard

    Politics and football do not mix. It does look like Brett has been taking grooming lessons from the duck dynasty folks.

  2. BeantownPackerBacker

    If Favre supported a tea party guy, I would be all in to maybe support his views, but Thad Cohran is another DC party of Power tool.

  3. 13Time1265

    Favre is a right wing redneck just like the Tea Party nutbags. Just retire his stupid number already so we can stop reading these posts!

  4. Curly

    Favre is nothing but a fat cunt and I will boo him to the grave. I’d rather get a beer with Jay Cutler than this disgusting fuck. Publishing articles about this inbred redneck piece of shit is a waste of your time and my energy. His selfish actions are a big ass motherfucking shit stain on the packers reputation and I wish we wouldn’t retire his number. Where’s that god damned petition I keep hearing about?

  5. Chuck

    Curly – I LOVVVE your post / rant – agree 100%, literally fell over laughing reading your post. Cheers my good man.

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