Brett Favre is Afraid of Getting Booed

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The Brett Favre Beard

The Brett Favre Beard

We’re all pretty certain there will be some sort of reunion between Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers this year. Most likely, he’ll return to watch a game. This, of course, has our staunchest Favre hater, E. Wolf, beside himself. So he was more than happy to hear that old Dick Pic is reluctant to come back because he’s afraid of getting booed. The following is straight from the keyboard of E. Wolf, the most vocal anti-Brett Favre individual in all the land.

On his Sunday morning radio show, Mark Chmura confided that, according to an inside source, “Brett [Favre] was confirmed” to make an appearance at Lambeau Field last year, for a game “late in the year,” but had to cancel at the very last minute. Far more importantly, this same source claims that, “He is very afraid of getting booed at Lambeau.” (emphasis added). Chmura further added that “that is why he is reluctant to come up.” Chmura further clarified that this first visit would simply be to watch a game in the press box. But even that was too dicey of a proposition.

From this author’s perspective, this is most excellent news indeed. Alas, it is probably inevitable now that the former Packer will return to Lambeau this year, probably for a number retirement ceremony. Ideally, such a proposition should not be considered except on a posthumous basis, after the traitor is dead and buried in the cold gray ground. Such is the just reward for an ex-Packer ending a hall-of-fame career as a Viking, for doing everything in his power to render the Minnesota Vikings, our most hated rival, Super Bowl Champions, which in turn threatened to derail and sabotage the McCarthy-Rodgers era just as it was on the cusp of claiming a Super Bowl championship. This man, once inextricably linked to the Green and Gold, turned against that sacred oval G symbol, and came very close to shattering it.

At this point however, the author has resigned himself to the fact that such just desserts will not be possible, and that he will probably return this year for a number retirement ceremony. As disappointing as that is, it is heart-warming that even the man in question knows that there are many, many Packer fans who refuse to be so forgiving: fans who have backbone and refuse to turn the other cheek to someone who very nearly brought our most hated rival their first Lombardi Trophy and plunge our proud organization into even greater depths of chaos and dissension from which it could not possibly ever recover.

Perhaps his conscience pangs him, perhaps he realizes deep down that what he did was wrong, even if he still has not exactly apologized for his sins with any sincerity. At the very least, he is not so oblivious as Mark Murphy is to think that this will not go down without some controversy and dissension.

That the man himself recognizes this danger makes the author smile. It demonstrates that, despite the reputation of being too friendly, too welcoming to visiting fans, even fans of hated rivals like the Minnesota Vikings, perhaps Packers fans are not all chocolate and sunshine after all, particularly to those who do us wrong. Let us hope that the legions of Packers fans who never wavered or faltered from our Green and Gold colors refuse to be so forgiving: those Packers fans who always brandished that sacred, illustrious oval G symbol, even in the darkest hour as turncoats in our midst dared to brandish enemy colors in those desperate days when utter doom seemed imminent. Let us hope that his worst fears come to fruition, that these stalwart, unwavering legions make themselves known on any day he returns, by booing or jeering, with posters and banners denouncing this man and this ultimate betrayal that he so heinously perpetrated. Perhaps he will be serenaded with unrelenting, deafening cheers “Ber-ty Ju-das” to the tune of that old “1918”chant Yankees fans used against the Red Sox.

Unfortunately, it will only be a small dose, only a small taste of tit for tat. But it will humiliate and embarrass the arrogant jerk who thought himself larger than the Green Bay Packers. And thereby, it might actually make him sincerely regret his treasonous lechery. It might make him regret coming back at all. Indeed, perhaps just maybe, it will dissuade him from ever coming back at all. Most excellent news, indeed.

About The Author

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

57 Comments on "Brett Favre is Afraid of Getting Booed"

  1. Skinny

    Total BS by Chumura, who is one of the worst guys ever. I guarantee the fans will not boo. We gave Ryan Braun a standing ovation and hes a much bigger douche than Favre ever was. Brett, come on home, we miss you buddy, come full circle.

      • GREENandGOLD

        I also disagree.

        Braun may have used PEDS, but he didn’t gut Brewer’s fans by signing with Cardinals.

        While I’m well over what happened, as are most others, there are definitely people that will still boo him.

    • Tucson Packer

      You “guarantee” huh Skinny?

      “We miss you “buddy” “? Who is this “we” and you think he is your “buddy”

      You can not be helped.

  2. RelampagoBlanco

    Can you send the link for your petition? I’ve changed my mind, I want to be the 4th signature.

    • Savage57

      No shit, but wait for it…it’s going to go ‘viral’.

      Favre @ 2009, talking to Ziggy and Chilly.

      “Hmmm, so you want to pay me $25MM to play for you for two years, and all I have to worry about is some no-life, asshole Packer fans being chapped at me for playing for you while I’m making more money in two years than their entire fucking family tree has or will make in recorded history?”

      “Where do I sign.”

      Get over yourselves, girls. It’s professional football, and the man got paid. You all would have done EXACTLY the same thing if the roles were reversed, and if you tell yourselves differently, you’re both a liar and delusional.

      Let it the fuck go, already.

      • E. Wolf

        He has more money than god, and could have just played for the Jets. Charles Woodosn would have taken a paycut to stay with the Pack, and Jordy Nelson has intimated he will do the same.
        This was not about just playing football. he waged a personal vendetta against Ted and Mike, and by extension our Green Bay Packers. he failed only by the narrowest of margins in succeeding in exacting perfect revenge.

        • Nurseratchett@work

          Preach Brother!

          I take offense that you are credited as being the biggest TP Brent hater, by the way. Thought for sure it was me :-).

          Nicely done, E.

  3. Julie

    Total BS and it sounds like a very bitter man who is inwardly and outwardly JEALOUS!! Maybe he didn’t get picked as a boy or maybe his wife doesn’t like him!! Very sad!!

  4. 13Time1265

    Mark Chmura is a dumb fuck! Listening to him on the radio anywhere he speaks is hard to do. I think Favre will get a mixed reaction. I am a fan of the Packers so all I would have to say is if you retired his jersey and post it next to all those great names at Lambeau make sure to add “Dick Pic” in there somewhere.

  5. gort

    Let’s just go ahead and get this done. We all know that when it happens (sorry E. Wolf, but it will happen), it will be a media circus. There will be some cheers and probably some boos. There will be some “welcome home” signs and some “go to hell” signs. Even if the ratio of “welcome home” to “go to hell” is 10:1, the media will surely focus on the negative signs. No need to delay the inevitable any longer – mom and dad will still beat your ass for the firecrackers and the neighbor’s cat, even if they find out about it a year later.

  6. the real russ letlow

    I guess that rules out the Jets game and alumni weekend. He wouldn’t want to get booed in front of Don Horn.

  7. K.L.

    You need to let it go, buddy. We’re all human, we’ve all made immature mistakes. This childish grudge you hold against Favre is sad and disgraceful, to say the least. You care way too much about this for your own good, as indicated by the length and articulation of this article. Just let it go.

  8. Mark

    From this fans perspective, this author needs to grow up. It’s not that we fans don’t have a backbone it’s that it’s time to move on and remember the good that was the 17 seasons of old number 4 bring us numerous victories championships and happiness. Football is a business don’t take it personal.

    • Tucson Packer

      So Mark, you speak for all “fans” do you?
      Well, I am a fan, and you, in no way, speak for me.

  9. Abe Frohman

    Don’t you feel that throwing that pick in the NFC championship game was a form of self induced torture in and of itself? Brent had no business playing for the Vikings. He knows it. We know it. The cosmic forces aligned to get him sooo close…then smash him back down to reality. To that, I say: Kharma’s a bitch, Brent.

    • The Money Mike

      Totally agree Abe, like I said months ago, it came full circle, he did that, and the next season he got fucked up and we won the superbowl, eye for an eye, its done

    • E. Wolf

      Abe, I cannot disagree with anything you say. This is especially because I feel the confluence of circumstances that led the Vikings to falter at the 11th hour AND that propelled our Packers on towards a victorious march on Dallas were incredibly freakish: Steve Bartmann sort of freakish. One might think that a divine hand intervened to make things right. And how right IT IS that the Vikings remain cursed, and the Packers fulfill their raison d’etre and birthright of winning championships.

      Be that as it may, we still ultimately looked down the barrel of a gun. He pulled the trigger, and it was only a miraculous set of circumstances that delivered us from a truly hellish, nightmare scenario rivaling that of the undead walking the earth: Brett Favre and THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS, 2009 Super Bowl Champions.

      He thrust us all on the razor’s edge, which we only barely prevailed from. Of course his bid to topple the current regime at 1265 Lombardi failed, but it failed only by the thinnest of margins.

      Using the logic of these people, some of them doubtlessly turncoats who were donning purple and gold during that harrowing time, employees and enthusiastic patrons of Blue Star airlines should just turn the other cheek to Gordon Gekko, and pay no heed to his effort to destroy them. Hell, when someone seeks to destroy you, but fails by a hair, you should slap him on the back and invite him over to fuck your sister and mother. NOT I.

      I love this Green Bay Packers team so much, I get teary eyed thinking about. Juxtaposed with my visceral hatred for the Vikings. I am sorry but this man came so close to ruining something I love so much, and redeeming something I hate and despise with every fibre of my being. If you read comments on jsonline and elsewhere, you know I am not alone.

  10. The Money Mike

    Favre needs to think of something to make fun of himself…kinda like Ezra Johnson when he came back for the 1983 teeam reunion and walked out on to the field eating a hotdog

  11. Sonny Crockett

    Grow up you morons (including the author). Favre made mistakes, no doubt, but had the Three Stooges (Murphy, Thompson, McCarthy) given him his unconditional release like they did with Reggie White, NONE of this would ever have happened. Sending him to the Jets knowing he’d have a hard time learning a total different offense (and knowing he could still beat them, based on 2007 stats) was no accident either. All aside, Rogers was the right choice and you crybabies need to man-up and let it go. The Packers obviously want him back and Favre wants back, so what’s your problem? Oh, and this comes from New Yorker who’s been a Packers fan since before the first Super Bowl and actually made a pilgrimage as a kid with my Father to Brooklyn where Vince Lombardi grew up. Some of you sound like whiny kids. Also, a personal note to the author: why don’t you write a story on the 65 plus children Favre has seen from the Make A Wish Foundation and the reason why he was one of the most requested athletes. Perfect man, no….great football player…ABSOLUTELY. You miscreants need to remember just how good you had it with him and how lightning struck twice with Aaron….You ungrateful wretches need to remember that. Now…..go get your shine box.

    • E. Wolf

      What’s my problem? My problem is this is a man who did everything in his power to make the Vikings Super Bowl Championships and did his damndest to foil the current regime at 1265 Lombardi. Only the most freakish set of circumstances spared us from that fate.
      Why don’t I write a story on 65 plus children he visited to the make a wish foundation? Because, to be blunt, I don’t care. Those kids are terminally ill, the vast majority of which are probably dead already. It is nice I suppose that he did this (never mind many athletes do, including Rodgers). But I am not a fan of those kids, I do not liveand die with them. I live and died with the Green Bay Packers.

      Also, since you live in the NYC area, I will be at Bohemian Hall to support Germany against Ghana. Don’t bother me during the game though. I will be waiting outside the gate for ten minutes afterward. Can’t miss me–stalky white guy, black trousers and a green bay packer green polo, replete with that oval g symbol on my chest. Reddish blond hair with a short on back and sides, long on top “Hitler Youth” style haircut. Tell me to get my shine box then.

      Mit Kuessen,


    • Abe Frohman

      Sonny –

      up to a certain point, I agree with you. Yet the Favre apologists always talk about how he, and implicitly state he ALONE, brought the team back from obscurity. This is a team sport. Bob Harlan is probably the man most responsible for the Pack’s success since 92. He brought in Ron Wolf. Wolf brought in Holmgren and traded for Favre and surrounded him with players like Reggie and LeRoy. Holmgren molded Favre into what he became – the first 3 time MVP in league history. I haven’t forgotten the 96 Super Bowl. Nor will I. I don’t put an asterisk next to that title because Brent won it for us. I do appreciate it. Yet when things end….they usually end badly. The details of which are far too voluminous for this space and have been rehashed repeatedly by many, including our own E. Wolf.

      By stating “he’s not perfect” you gloss over any character flaws and choose to focus on the positive. That’s entirely your prerogative. Personally, I don’t demean or diminish his contribution to our team. I don’t have animosity towards him. I am not bitter about it, but I do have fun making jokes at his expense. I simply learned a different side of him and therefore have no interest in him as a person – despite the many wonderful things he’s done for people and organizations like Make A Wish. I feel your true character reveals itself when adversity rears its head.

  12. Skinny

    Sonny, totally agree. 16 years at one place, took the organization from the shit house to the penthouse. He’s an all time great, better to have him back in the fold then to sit and piss and moan about him playing for Minnesota. I could give two shits about the last couple years of his career. He’s a Packer, accept it, he was great for us.

  13. Deepsky

    Favre needs to come out with his Vikings jersey on, take it off, revealing his Packers #4 jersey and burn the Vikings jersey. Right in the middle of Lambeau field. All will be forgiven.

    • Deepsky

      Now that I think about it, Favre still probably hates Thompson. He won’t do anything cool when he comes back. He’ll probably give 20 interviews full of back-handed comments that glorify only himself.

  14. Nurseratchett@work

    Nope. All will NOT be forgiven. I will NOT let it go. I was a supporter & a fan. Then, he did his level best exact revenge on Ted Thompson not considering for a MOMENT the loyal (& passionate) fan base that supported his ass through thick & thin.

    Sure, led the league in (insert your positive stat here) but he also led the in career interceptions, a record that I’m sure will stand longer than all the others. He broke our hearts with his gun slinging on more than one occasion. We stuck by him through vicodin addiction. Packers fans supported his wife through her illness & supported her charity (which stopped helping women in Wisconsin the SECOND he went to the jets….) Packer fans went to his home town to help with hurricane recovery. The list is endless.

    Screw him. I know they will retire the jersey & I understand why, & can even say of course they should. I will NOT, however, let it go. I will not get over it. I will proudly wear my altered Brent Fever jersey the day his is retired, (I added large white letters under #4 spelling out SALE) & if fortunate to be at Lambeau when he is, I will boo myself hoarse.

  15. Sonny Crockett

    “Why don’t I write a story on 65 plus children he visited to the make a wish foundation? Because, to be blunt, I don’t care.”

    Of course…because you’re an idiot…
    As are the rest of you childish ingrates…
    If it’s alright with Thompson and the Packers brass and Favre, why should you care after all this time?!
    Boo $&%?! hoo!
    I remember when the Packers were awful and rooted for them when times were REALLY lean…
    Since 92, we have NOTHING to complain about…
    With love,
    James “Sonny” Crockett

    • E. Wolf

      Oh yes, Favre alone was responsible for the renaissance. No mention of Harlan, Wolf, or Holmgren, or Reggie White.
      As to your other question, the reason why the Packers are pushing is for money, to make money of people like you, who turn the other cheek. And that is why Favre is doing it as well.
      Favre jersey at Bohemian Hall huh? We shall see.
      Who the fuck wears golden glove medals areound their neck, particularly at 55?
      And yes, just to stick in your craw, I really do not care one iota about the make the wish foundation. Above all, lots of athletes do it, including Rodgers. By that logic, if Colin Kapernick does this, I should no longer dislike him for setting back my team. Does not work that way.

    • Deepsky

      The Packers turned around when they stopped having judges and real estate agents run the Packers. Parins was a judge full time, ran the Packers part time. Olejniczak was a full time real estate agent who bought up land around Lambeau then when Lambeau expanded, sold it at a profit to the Packers while he was president. Nice conflict of interest. Harlan was a full time football professional. That’s what turned around the Packers. Learn Packers history. It wasn’t Brett Favre.

  16. Sonny Crockett

    Just saw this….
    “Also, since you live in the NYC area, I will be at Bohemian Hall to support Germany against Ghana. Don’t bother me during the game though. I will be waiting outside the gate for ten minutes afterward. Can’t miss me–stalky white guy, black trousers and a green bay packer green polo, replete with that oval g symbol on my chest. Reddish blond hair with a short on back and sides, long on top “Hitler Youth” style haircut. Tell me to get my shine box then.”

    I’ll tell you then…get your shine box….
    You wont miss me…
    Favre jersey…
    Golden Glove medals around my neck….
    I’m 55….we’ll see where I put my foot and the shine box…

  17. Chad Lundberg

    Let me try to put this in perspective: My dad once asked why I hated Favre so much. Joining another team isn’t like an F you. I turned to him and said “Dad, he’s playing for a hated team that’s not the least bit respectable. How can there possibly be a bigger F you than that!”

    The Chicago Bears are fun to hate and laugh at. To some extent, so are the Lions. The Vikings are so pathetic that they’re hardly respectable in any way shape or form. Not even fun to hate, they’re just douche-bags. I would know, I have family that live in Minnesota. My mom’s a Vikings fan.

    Yet Favre decided that was the team that he was willing to put his best he ever had with, and do his best to bring them a Super Bowl. Imagine the kind of football world we fans would live in if that happened? I don’t think we would ever hear the end of it. It would be as if they honestly think winning one SB would trump everything the Packers have accomplished.

    That’s not the worst part. The worst is that he was never, at any point, regretful or sorry in any way about it. All he had to do, is make it vehemently clear that this was in no way shape or form a stab at GB.

    “This is about winning a Super Bowl before I’m out, nothing more nothing less. If anyone is confused on why I’m doing this, let me make this perfectly clear – THIS IS NOT ABOUT GREEN BAY. I just want another ring before my body can’t take any more of this game, and I believe this organization gives me the best chance. That is all”.

    Favre never said anything remotely close to this. Every time he was asked, his body language showed just how uncomfortable he was about it. Why? Because he knew the truth, he knew that if he were to say that he didn’t like GB he would never be allowed back in.

    I’m right on the same page with E. Wolf. Favre should NEVER be allowed back in. The only reason he’s even going to come back is because McGreedy Murphy wants to start selling his jersey again.

    FORGET FAVRE!!! As long as my memory hast purple stains on it, this guy does not have a place in Green Bay!!!

    • DJ

      Very well said. The motive of his decision is the elephant in the room that neither Favre nor his apologists are willing to confront. There was a definite “fuck you” component aimed at the Packers staff, front office, and by default towards us fans too. He had a vendetta against the Green Bay Packers. At the time & in his mind, we were acceptable collateral damage. Now he seeks reconciliation & acceptance from the same fan base he threw away & then carpet bombed….without showing a hint of contrition or honesty. He is afraid of being booed….because he knows he deserves it. He knows what he did & why and he knows WE know! The ball is in his court. The only way out for him is to own up to it. Doing so would, at the minimum, disarm any revulsion or contempt we might feel towards the Packers or ourselves for getting forced into accepting back someone who screwed us & never apologized for it. That is the ONLY course that can bridge the gap between acceptance & being booed. I’m looking for an excuse to end this on amicable terms for both parties. I just dont see his ego letting that happen. And he’ll remain toast to me until he does.

  18. You Enjoy Myself

    I hope the only sound he hears is 1,000 fans cheering, while EVERYONE else just sits there looking bored.

    Then when Rodgers runs out, the crowd gives him a standing ovation!

  19. Sonny Crockett

    EW –
    Missy….24 years I served in the military so half-baked, semi-pseudo intellectual wannabe, goofball douchebags like yourself can be free to say what they please behind a computer. You think you’re impressive? I was in Berlin when the wall fell and served two tours in the Persian Gulf, your not worthy of the shit on my boots. And just for your edification ( go look that word up), I wear TWO pair of golden gloves on a chain around my neck for winning in TWO different weight classes which I earned, while you wear your what…..”hitler youth” haircut. “Hitler youth” haircut?! What adult would even admit to something so fucking stupid, let alone write that?! Your parents must be proud. So, take your smug, effeminate self, your cute little haircut and go get your shine box. How’s that for craw-sticking asshole?! FYI….I’m on my way up to Tonic Sports Bar on 7th ave. with my GF. I’m wearing a blue t and she’s wearing a pink #4 jersey (she’s 20 years younger than me, quite the hottie and fills it out IMMENSELY. Yay me!) I’ll buy you a drink and tell you all about how 40 years of Aikido practice can add health and change one’s life. I think women drink for half price tonight, so you wont need much money.

    • E. Wolf

      Concerning my hairstyle, I did not come up with that moniker. But it is what is in circulation: See here.

      Mind you I have been wearing it for a long time before it became cool.
      As for the rest of your tirade, your bravado screams “keyboard warrior.” People with the credentials you speak of simply don’t type about it. And I really could not care less that you are “dating” someone young enough to be your daughter. Even if true, it screams scumbag.
      This is my last response to you as you are otherwise beneath discussion.

  20. Dan Wells

    I think we’ve gone beyond what this discussion is about.
    I love the Packers and can’t wait for Favre to come back home.
    I will agree with Sonny on the hitler-youth haircut thing. Dude, seriously?!
    “#4 forever, wherever!”

  21. iltarion

    Didn’t read it.

    About the last thing I’m interested in is another irrational rant from Wolf about Brett Favre. We’ve heard it all before. Nothing new to see here.

  22. Sonny Crockett

    EW……You got called out by a guy who ‘s probably more than double your age and pussied out as the kids say. No more responses?! Thank Christ!

  23. Sonny Crockett

    EW……You got called out by a guy who ‘s probably more than double your age and pussied out as the kids say. No more responses?! Thank Christ!

  24. xe.wolf

    wow. id like to see your ignorant, hatefull, self talk that way to brett. im pretty sure you”d most likely run away like the little girly man you are. ,,IDIOT

  25. Badger Bob

    This is the first time I came to this website and it definitely will be the last time! I’ve been a Packer fan for 54 years and cannot believe the posts here, with the exception of Mr. Crockett and a few others. I’ve been looking online to see what game Brett will be invited to attend to have his jersey retired, so my family and friends can get tickets and witness #4 being thanked and honored for all the great memories. We’re all human and make mistakes, so we don’t hold anything against Favre; we just want to clap and cheer to show him how much we appreciate those wonderful, exciting years he gave us. We will never forget him, and he will always have a place in our hearts!

    • E. Wolf

      Never mind the man wanted to make the Vikings Super Bowl Champions, or that he wanted to foil the current regime which has one Super Bowl championship and is poised to win at least one more. Read this very, very carefully, enunciating each and every syllable out loud: Brett Favre wanted to make the Vikings–THE VIKINGS!–Super Bowl Champions.
      Maybe you should watch Last Day at Lambeau. A Minnesota beat writer comments about how Brett Favre simply does not care about us Pakcer fans. And some of us are so shameless to lap him up still. I imagine you are the sort who gleefully invite the man over to fuck your daughter, or grand daughter.

      This dissension and acrimony that still exists among Packer fans (even though some of you were donning Purple and Gold not too long ago) of course further indicts the man further. This ASSHOLE, who you are your ilk pander so shamelessly to, instigated a veritable civil war in Packerland that still wages on to this day. Had he succeeded in his bid to make the Vikings Super Bowl champions, the brother on brother hatred would reach full effect. I can only compare that doomsday scenario to the end of days envisioned in Norse Mythology, which they called Ragnarok: Wolf Age, Axe Age pitting brother against brother:

      Brothers will fight
      and kill each other,
      sisters’ children
      will defile kinship.
      It is harsh in the world,
      whoredom rife
      —an axe age, a sword age
      —shields are riven—
      a wind age, a wolf age—
      before the world goes headlong.
      No man will have
      mercy on another.

      Thanks Brett, you arrogant jock asshole hill-billy piece of shit.

  26. Sonny Crockett

    “Had he succeeded in his bid to make the Vikings Super Bowl champions, the brother on brother hatred would reach full effect.”

    EW…..Jesus, what a douche’….I thought you were done commenting?
    Badger Bob….thankee…
    Mr. Tequilla….if you really fly in I’ll buy you two1

    • E. Wolf

      Your reading comprehension sucks. I said I was done replying to you, which I am. I just could not resist an opportunity to show how dense you are.

  27. Sonny Crockett

    You really are a simpleton. I knew you’d jump all over it and “reply”….You just can’t help yourself…
    You’re turnin’ out to be a loser in ALL aspects…LOL
    You`’re not going to give you’re, “I will Not reply” speech again?

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