Aaron Rodgers Called out Drew Smith Today

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Aaron Rodgers: sucking

Aaron Rodgers: sucking

Yeah, who the hell is Drew Smith, right? Not living in Wisconsin any longer, I had no idea. Turns out he’s the sports guy at Fox 11 in Green Bay. Apparently, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not a fan.

Smith tweeted something about Rodgers throwing a pick during OTAs today. Rodgers insists he didn’t throw any picks and called this fool out.

That makes me chuckle.

It makes me chuckle because Rodgers is obviously paying real close attention to what people say about him. I mean, you can’t endorse the new Ford F-150 if you’re throwing picks during OTAs. Am I right?

Someone told us that Rodgers did indeed throw the pick. Now we’re hearing that Matt Flynn threw the pick and Rodgers came off the sideline after that for some sort of return.

Who really gives a shit?

But hey, Drew Smith, get your damn facts straight!

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17 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Called out Drew Smith Today"

  1. Chad Lundberg

    Journalist’s have to be held accountable too. This can’t be stressed enough for one reason, and that is that journalist, IMO, seem to think that they can do no wrong. It’s bullshit.

    When they are not held accountable we get people like Jamie Dukes, Warren Sapp, Katie Couric, Keith Olbermann, and the biggest enchilada of them all, Skip Bayless.

    These idiots are protected by the first amendment, but where do we draw the line between freedom of speech and right to privacy?

  2. C.C.

    “then hustles doe field and intercepts a defensive lateral” – Really? What a clown. Way to go Rodgers calling out this chump.

  3. Tucson Packer

    Aaron hustled a deer down the field. Whats not to get?

    Anyway, you’re taking the next snap, Drew.

    Pad up, chump.

  4. Kyle McCabe

    Was anyone of you even there at OTA’s today? Davon House picked off Aaron Rodgers. Whether you want to call it “Aaron throwing a pick” or “Davon House picking off A-Rodge” …. either way it’s the same shit. QB1 does throw shit passes once in awhile… and the defense makes plays too. I don’t really know Drew Smith, but I was at OTA’s today. Aaron was intercepted, the defense got crazy with lateral passes, all of a sudden A-Rodge was downfield intercepting a lateral pass and running it in for a TD. It was miraculous and hilarious at the same time. Don’t think this reporter meant anything negative about it.

  5. CO Bob

    GB News channels took a big hit when Ray Wheeler left. As for sports reporters….he kinda made up for those inept turds. They lost their leisure suite wearing “Walter Cronkite” decades ago….and all the stations have been almost as laughable as the movie Anchorman …except you sorta feel guilty laughing at them? Naaaa.

    (And I’m sure Rogers hires someone to manage his “brand” with the social media….not likely a response from him directly)

  6. Iltarion

    Thanks for the correct info, Kyle.

    This all falls into the “who-gives-a-shit” category. It is OTAs. Rodgers can throw all the picks he wants. The defense can do all the laterals they want, and Drew Smith can tweet whatever the hell he wants. Its all good in the hood.

    • CA

      Actually it wasn’t correct info and Kyle might want to get his eyes checked. It was Flynn who got picked off and Rodgers came from the sideline to take the lateral away.

  7. Howard

    If Aaron or his manager are monitoring social media then they must be looking at a well run, classy site such as total packers.

    There is no question Aaron did not throw an Int. today or any day. Aaron is going to be league MVP and Superbowl MVP this year (true story). Aaron and the rest of the team are going to go into Seattle and kick Seattles asses all over the field (true story).

    Aaron do you have one or two extra tickets to the Seattle game? As a lifelong Packer fan I would love to see up close those cheating potheads from Seattle get there asses handed to them on opening night. To hell with the 12th man. All
    I have to say to The 12th man in my best DeNiro voice is ” are you a pothead Focker”?

  8. GIlbert

    Yea I live in Green Bay AND have went to BOTH OTA’s . Yea dude get your facts straight FLYNN threw the pick and Aaron came and caught the lateral from the sideline.#whatwereYOUwatchinglol

  9. Carl with a "C"

    what i saw at OTAs was the racist E Wolf put on his 12 jersey, threw the pick to himself after he changed jersey’s and put on his new ha-ha jersey, then intercepted his own lateral after he put back on his 12 jersey… he then created a drew smith twiter account, tweeted that crap, then hacked into A Rods account and tweeted his response…wasn’t that obvious?

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