Ted Thompson’s Best Pick by Round

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Ted Thompson

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Ted Thompson

It’s finally draft day! Fuck you Chief Ginger for making us wait so long! Unlike yesterday when we dumped some salt in Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson’s draft day wounds, we’re going to do something fun today.

Actually, that was plenty fun, but this will be fun for everyone, including Big Ted. It’s the Green Bay Packers best picks by round under Teddy, Teddy, Bo Betty. Teeeeeeddy!

We would have done the Green Bay Packers all-time best, but that would require a shitload more research than we’ve already done. All I can tell you right now is Bart Starr gets the nod for round 15. We’ll get to the rest next year.

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5 Comments on "Ted Thompson’s Best Pick by Round"

  1. the real russ letlow

    Ah, Ted. this is your time of the year! Finally, the draft! who are we drafting at 21? I say Mosley or Gilbert if they are there. Shazier or Nix if everyone is gone. Safety in the second. maybe. Bart Starr =17th rd.

  2. Abe Frohman

    gonna have to disagree on Lacy for the second round. He’s not been around long enough. Instead, how about #87 – Jordy Nelson?

    • Shawn Neuser

      Absolutely, Abe.

      Let’s hope Eddie Lacy becomes TT’s best 2nd round pick, but right now that honor goes to Greg Jennings, Nick Collins or Jordy Nelson.

  3. Ryon

    Clay Matthews good hamstring…hilarious!

    And Ha Ha Clinton-Dix….it sounds like he was named by Monica Lewinski! I still want a Clinton-Dix jersey though, because awesome

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