Ted Thompson is Getting a New Contract Before McCarthy

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Ted Thompson

Ted Thompson

There was a report that the Green Bay Packers had approached coach Mike McCarthy about a new contract before the draft. Then we all said, well what about Ted Thompson?

You’ve got one, you’ve got to have the other. Throw in Mark Murphy and they’re The Three Stooges, with Ted being Moe, of course.

Anyway, Murphy, who’s clearly the Larry of the bunch, says the Packers would have to give Thompson a new contract before Curly, er… McCarthy gets one. The president makes the decision on the GM and then the GM makes the decision on the coach.

“The way we’re structured, football reports through Ted,” Murphy said. “And then everything reports up through me, so the first step would be to extend Ted, then he would in turn enter in an extension for Mike.”

This past weekend, Thompson made it clear he’s not looking to retire anytime soon. His contract runs through the 2016 draft, while McCarthy’s runs through the 2015 season.

You can safely assume both of them will be around longer than those deals.

As far as what’s going on in the organization, we can only speculate.

Our guess is Thompson and McCarthy have discussed how long they’d like to remain on the job. McCarthy has gone public, saying he’d like to coach eight more years. Thompson has been less specific, but did say he feels like he’s just getting started.

Thompson is obviously comfortable with McCarthy and we’re sure when he gets his extension (probably next summer), he’s agreed that McCarthy will get one that’s the same length.

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  1. The Money Mike

    Protect Rodgers, ride Lacy/receiver core, improve the defense, stop injuries, ride into the sunset, they can stay as long as this is done

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