Mark Murphy Inexplicably Wants to Give Mike McCarthy a New Contract

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Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy

For some reason, Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy wants to give coach Mike McCarthy a new contract.

We say for some reason because there’s no reason Murphy has to do so, other than to spend some money. Kind of like sending me cease and desist letters — totally unnecessary. Nonetheless, Bob McGinn says Murphy has already been discussing a new deal with McCarthy.

McCarthy’s current deal runs through the end of the 2015 season. It’s worth $6.5 million per year.

In addition to being one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL, McCarthy isn’t even entering a lame duck season. So why worry about an extension right now?

Again, doesn’t make any sense.

Perhaps it’s because of McCarthy’s whole “halftime” comment. Earlier this offseason, The Buffoon made the comment that he felt like he was at halftime of his coaching career. In other words, he wants to coach your football team for another eight years.

Better run out and make sure that happens!

Seriously, there’s no indication how serious these talks are or whether anything is imminent.

It’s also important to note that Ted Thompson’s contract runs through the 2016 draft. There’s also no indication whether he will be asked to or will want to stick around longer than that.

That makes a McCarthy extension now even more non-sensical.

Having a veteran coach in place when hiring a new GM, if it comes down to that, isn’t exactly an ideal scenario. The Packers last two general managers (which were also their first two general managers that weren’t also the team’s coach), canned the head coach they inherited.

Ron Wolf fired Lindy Infante and hired Mike Holmgren. Ted Thompson fired Mike Sherman and hired McCarthy. And that’s normally the situation around the league, not the exception to the rule.

Frankly, I don’t care if the Packers extend McCarthy, but they should at least wait until next summer when there’s a clearer picture of where the organization is going.

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11 Comments on "Mark Murphy Inexplicably Wants to Give Mike McCarthy a New Contract"

  1. ferris

    Can they get a new team doctor first as well as a new training staff? Why do we not hear about those people getting canned for poor performance? OK rant over.

  2. Iltarion

    The only thing inexplicable about it is this article.

    Go ahead and extend him. It means nothing. Coaches get fired after extensions all the time. It doesn’t count against the salary cap and the Packers have money to spend.

    Besides, get used to TT and MM being here for a long time. There is no reason to think TT is going anywhere, and therefore, no reason to worry about extending MM.

  3. Cheese

    A better question would be why does Mark Murphy think it’s a good idea to spend a bunch of money to put an obnoxiously large, 50′ foot tall Lombardi trophy on the side of Lambeau? What happened to portraying this so called humble Packer pride? I get that the trophy is named after a Green Bay coach but this seems like unnecessary overkill to me….

  4. lmills

    Or maybe they have a very clear picture of what the GM situation will be in a few years. I’m sure there’s conversations behind closed doors with TT/Murphy/McCarthy that talk about this stuff. Maybe they even have a new GM lined up to take over when TT leaves that has a good relationship with McCarthy so extending isn’t a problem. i.e. Schneider

  5. Well said Iltarion! Six playoff appearances in eight years and a Super Bowl. Sign the man. I laugh every time the other clowns in the NFC Norris have another coaching change. MM is one of (thankfully) several great coaches in our storied franchise and he’s not done winning championships. Can you imagine if we went with Childress eight years ago as was rumored! We’re not broke. Sign him and keep on rolling!

  6. Jon Mallaber

    Glad to see that amateur hour contiues to be alive and well here at totalpackers. Keep up the subpar work Hollywood.

  7. lars

    McCarthy a buffoon? Seems a little harsh. The vastly overrated Capers is closer to buffoonery than MM, who has to work around TT’s bull-headedness (re: free agency lack thereof) every year. Bad drafts (2011-12), horrendous back-up QB situation in ’13, no FS since Collins in 2011, Overpaying the ultimate mediocrity AJ Hawk, who TT thinks in Patrick Willis, the center musical chairs game…

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