The Many Faces of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in the green room

Well, the Green Bay Packers got their man in the first round on Thursday night — Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

He was probably the best safety in the draft, although that’s debatable because Louisville’s Calvin Pryor went before him. Pryor is more of a lay-the-wood kind of guy, while Clinton-Dix is noted more for his range.

He’s also a hell of an open-field tackler. Can you imagine? The Green Bay Packers with a safety that can, you know, actually tackle someone? Now if they only had an inside linebacker that could do the same…

Anyway, we know the Cleveland Browns called looking to trade up to No. 21 and select one John Football. Big Ted said no and the Browns traded up with Philly at No. 22.

Obviously, Ted was like, I’m not getting this guy at No. 26, which is where the Packers would have been (with an extra third) if they made that trade with the Browns.

But this is about Clinton-Dix. More specifically, his reaction when he was selected.

The first thing we noticed was, hey, this dude doesn’t look too happy.

He’s like, “Shit. Where the hell is Green Bay?”

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in the green room

Then he’s walking out, where he meets Nick Saban and he’s like, “Are the Packers even better than the Tide?”

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Nick Saban

Now he realizes he’s going to be a millionaire and that he better start smiling for the cameras.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Roger Goodell

And then whatever the hell is going on here. Maybe an epileptic seizure?

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix backstage

Word is Clinton-Dix is going to wear No. 21 for the Packers. That’s Charles Woodson’s number. The good news is you can just pull the name off the back of your Woodson jersey and use a marker to write in Clinton-Dix.

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14 Comments on "The Many Faces of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix"

  1. the real russ letlow

    I must say he did look like he was bummed out. Maybe he really thought the Eagles would get him, who knows? Pic #1 sure looks like an “aw, crap…” moment for him.

  2. Howard

    Good pick thought he would be gone at 21. In regards to the suit and the alleged joint it gives new meaning to ” PANAMA RED”.

    My question is are you a pothead Focker.

  3. nurseratchett

    He’s freakin adorable. Just watched his interview with Ketchup on, and I love him already. I don’t know if he was bummed or just shocked when he got the news; he certainly seemed pleased in the aforementioned video.

    Now for the football stuff….definitely a need for us, and I think if capers shite doesn’t screw him up, he should be a good fit. Hopefully productive right from the start. Not strong in defending the run, but lets see if he can’t get a piece of a scrambling Russell Wilson when we play the squealhawks.

    If he inspires half as many “ROLL TIDE!!!” yells on game day as Edie Lacy did last year, then I’m a happy fan.

    GO PACK GO!!

    • the real russ letlow

      I agree Ratchet. just watched the video before popping over here & maybe that was his shocked look! Sounds like he’s got it together and is happy to be with us.

  4. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

    Anyone else think he looks like Eddie Murphy? Or am I just a racist who thinks all African Americans look alike?

  5. steve

    The butt hurt in this article is hilarious. “oh no, Clinton-Dix wasn’t jumping for joy when he was selected by the greatest sports team known to man kind!”

  6. rebelgb

    Fucking love this pic. Yeah he didnt want to come to cold ass, snowy Green Bay full of white people. After this winter we all had that same look on our face, but like every day from March 1st to May 5th.

    Look once this bad ass mofo hits the locker room with Eddie Lacy and Aaron Fucking Rodgers he will love this team. Once he realizes that unlike Huntsville Alabama, this small town has white people with good teeth and a working vocabulary, AND we love our Packers more than Jesus, he will be cool with us.

    Considering my Bro Love affair with Eddie Fucking Lacy, another Crimson Tide bad ass is EXACTLY what this team needs. Hats off to TT.

    • E. Wolf

      Plug in white people with black people and you would sound a lot like Donald Sterling. Such a double standard. . ..

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