Green Bay is All Over the NFL Draft

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Green Bay mayor Jim Schmitt

Green Bay mayor Jim Schmitt

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is again talking about moving the NFL Draft from New York’s Radio City Music Hall. Both Los Angeles and Chicago have been aggressively pursuing the event. And now, Green Bay wants in too.

Let’s take a moment and think about the excitement a draftee gets from going to New York City to get drafted vs. the excitement he would get flying into Austin Straubel to get drafted…


Anyway, who the hell cares what they think. They’re about to be getting paid millions of dollars, so they can deal with it.

Green Bay mayor Jim Schmitt is serious about pursuing the draft.

“We’re going to be all over this,” Schmitt told the Journal Sentinel. “We’re going to do whatever we can to make this a reality.”

One suggested venue is the Resch Center, which is across the street from Lambeau Field. I haven’t been in that place since it became the Resch Center, but it will always be the Brown County Arena to me. It does have a capacity of 9,877, which is more than the 6,015 that Radio City holds.

I’d suggest the Weidner Center, which is on the UWGB campus. That place, which I have been in, has more of a Radio City Music Hall vibe if you ask me. If it can host Jerry Seinfeld, as it is tonight, then I would think The Rog could bro hug some draftees there.

And if that doesn’t work, why the hell not just hold it at Lambeau? That’s what people are coming to Green Bay to see anyway — the Mecca of professional football.

At any rate, the city would need to team up with the Packers and some local businesses to make this happen.

“I know that our economic development department has been in contact with some of the other partners we would need in this community,” Schmitt said. “In terms of a formal proposal, that’s being discussed. That’s something we are definitely going to work on and I’m excited to support.”

Hell, I’d fly back home if the NFL Draft was in Green Bay. My guaranteed appearance alone should be enough to make this happen, no?

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7 Comments on "Green Bay is All Over the NFL Draft"

  1. Carl with a "C"

    I’d take a bullet for Jim Schmitt… anyways, Monty (AKA Vijay’s mantoy) the brown county arena and the resch center are two different areanas, both located across from La-La-La-Lambeau…

  2. K.L.

    Not gonna happen. Green Bay is a small village in the middle of nowhere compared to New York. Totally shut out from the outside world compared to New York. I doubt anyone would support the idea.

    I mean, I support it. But I doubt it’ll ever happen.

  3. Phillthy Phill

    Why not have the draft rotate through each NFL city, it gives more interaction then the dozen Super Bowl cities. We all know Roger “moneybags” Goodel won’t shy away from making an extra dime

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