2014 NFL Draft: The Book on Richard Rodgers

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Richard Rodgers

Richard Rodgers

With their second third-round pick, a compensatory pick, the Green Bay Packers picked Cal tight end Richard Rodgers.

Now look at this. He has the same last name as the franchise AND he went to the same college as the franchise. Woooooooo!


Rodgers is actually an interesting prospect. He played at 275 in Jeff Tedford’s offense. Then Tedford got fired. So last year he slimmed down to the 250s and played some receiver. He caught 39 balls for 608 yards and a touchdown in 2013.

Rodgers is 6-4 and if he gets back up to that 275 range, he’s a damn big target running down the middle of the field for that other Rodgers guy.

Obviously, a guy who’s going to need to develop, which makes this pick remind me a lot of the time Big Ted picked a guy named Jermichael.

CBS Sports had him pegged as a sixth-round pick though. Here’s what they had to say.

Rodgers was under-utilized in Sonny Dykes’ offense and offers intriguing upside. While he lacks experience and needs some development, Rodgers could surprise with his production in a Joker or H-back role after earning a mid- or late-round selection.

Here are a couple highlights to wet your whistle.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

16 Comments on "2014 NFL Draft: The Book on Richard Rodgers"

  1. E. Wolf

    I am very dubious of this pick but Monty raises some interesting countervailing considerations that give me hope. Sure hope the Polar Bear knows what he is doing. He does work in mysterious ways at times . …

  2. K.L.

    We shouldn’t have wasted a third round pick on Thornton or Rodgers. This has been a sad, sad day so far.

  3. vijay

    I’m not in love with this draft and I wanted to come away feeling the love…but I just can’t. They failed to make small moves up which would have secured better prospects (in my opinion). Here we go again…more of the same, drafting ‘guys’ to hopefully develop into servicable starters or career backups. Grr

  4. GBslacker

    Yeah, I remember one of the last H-back plays.
    It was great.

    It had Quarless, in the backfield, running into Flynn, while he was throwing to Jones, who failed to play defense, and allowed a pick six.

    Gotta love that H-back stuff.

  5. Savage57

    ‘Twas a bit of a bitch watching Richburg, Amaro, Van Noy and Niklas get snatched off the board in those dozen picks before Ted pulled the trigger on Adams.

    And then Fiedorowicz and Nix in the third before, what’shisname.

    Oh well, Ted got ‘some guys’.

    • Big B

      Agree completely- it seemed like TT got scooped in almost every spot. If C-Dix had been taken before 21 it would have been a disaster. Would have swapped out our first 3rd to move up in second and get impact player like Van Noy or Niklas. We need a couple playmakers, not roster fillers. War Room cam was classic- looked like Ted had just been to the taxidermist.

      Wonder about Bullough for today, plus OL help.

  6. Dustin

    Everyone will feel better tomorrow when we grab one or two inside backers, Max bullough and Jordan Zumwalt make a lot of sense to me

  7. E. Wolf

    From JS Online:

    The third-round choice of California tight end Richard Rodgers also raised questions.

    In Mel Kiper’s positional rankings at ESPN, he lists Rodgers as 17th best among tight ends (he was the sixth tight end taken). And, in ESPN’s scouting analysis, they say the tight end is: “. . . . not an effective inline blocker at this point. He doesn’t have the speed to stretch the field and isn’t much of a threat after the catch, making him a substantial reach at this point in the draft.”

    • A.J. Hawk's Middle finger

      Maybe Ted is like me, if I was doing the draft I would base it on the opposite of what Kiper say’s.

      • E. Wolf

        Well you have me there. Even more so with Prisco (how Pete has a job truly baffles me). But when Kiper and a whole lot of other people are scratching their head, and when my gut tells me “I dunno Davey,” I will remain a doubting Thomas on this one.

  8. Dustin

    The selection of Richard Rodgers seems to have everyone upset… including me, but all I can say is trust in TT. His track record in the third round is pretty damn bad though.

  9. Richard

    Ted’s strategy has been transparent the last few years. His first round pick is as predictable as they come, just print out a scouts inc list ranking list and pick the top rated guy. After that it’s about guys who can play special teams, alternating with said list each pick until the draft is finished.

  10. Richard

    Richard Rodgers might have questions regarding his weight, but he makes up for it by being weak and slow so it’s all good.

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