Randall Cobb is an Underwear Model

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Randall Cobb: model

If you ever wanted to see Green Bay Packers receiver Randall Cobb naked, well, this is pretty close.


Randall Cobb: model

Cobb is repping Under Armour and you can probably see a more life-size version of his hot body if you go to a store where they sell such apparel.

We’re not sure where this particular picture was taken, but Cobb himself tweeted it yesterday.

Under Armour: keeps your junk in place whether you’re running hard or standing around looking tough!

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  1. nurseratchett@work

    THANK YOU MONTY!!!! For all the T&A and especially in light of that post with those horrific fake tata’s of JP’s woman, its about time the TP women get a little eye candy!

    Looks like I’m off to Dick’s Sporting Goods to drool on the under armour….

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