Aaron Rodgers is the Most Popular Athlete in Wisconsin

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Aaron Rodgers on Jim Rome

Aaron Rodgers on Jim Rome

Well, this is not a surprise. Best Tickets has sorted through a bunch of data to find the most popular athlete in every state. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers takes that title in Wisconsin.

We’re guessing Marshall Newhouse was a close second.

It’s the only state that Rodgers won, with Adrian Peterson dominating the states to the left and LeBron James dominating pretty much everywhere else. James took 23 states.

A few more football guys fared well, with Peyton Manning taking seven states, Peterson taking four and Tom Brady taking four.

The one oddball victor in this popularity contest was New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith, who took West Virginia. Sure, he went to college there, but did you see him play last year? Ugly.

When it comes to teams, the Packers didn’t fare so well. They were the sixth most popular team. This was determined by Google search volume, mind you, and nothing else.

But still… they were somehow behind the Minnesota Vikings.

Here’s that embarrassing list.

most popular NFL teams

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  1. elafave

    The most popular team shit based on Google is meaningless. Obviously. I had recently saw a few info graphics on NFL fandom on Reddit and the Pack dominates states like the Dakotas, Iowa, Kansas, Idaho, a few others. I’m on my phone so I don’t wanna’ go through the rigamaroll of linking to it. I believe the Pack were the third most popular team amongst NFL fans.

    Cripes, even most Minneshitholeans don’t even like the Queens.

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