Sam Shields Looking to Break the Bank

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Sam Shields

Sam Shields

Well, there are as many half truths, rumors and out-and-out lies floating around out there right now as there are idiots on Twitter to report them. Because, free agency! Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaw! It now appears cornerback Sam Shields is seeking more — possibly a hell of a lot more — money than originally reported.

A week ago, Shields was supposedly seeking a deal like the Chicago Bears gave cornerback Tim Jennings in January. That deal is for four years, averages $5.6 million per season and included $11.8 million guaranteed.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Green Bay Packers were perfectly willing to pay that.

Over the weekend, Shields decided he was going beste online casino to take his ball and go home. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, cut off negotiations with the Packers and Shields announced that he”d test free agency.

All this points to one thing. Shields and Rosenhaus think they can get quite a bit more than the Packers are offering. They may be right.

Again, exactly why we said the Packers blew it by not giving Shields a long-term deal last year. A few Twitter warriors adamantly disagreed with us when we made that statement without supplying any logic of their own. Well, we were right then and we”re right now.

At any rate, it”s probably time for the Packers to start looking at Plan B. And not the same one that chick you took home from Stadium View on Saturday night was looking at.

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17 Comments on "Sam Shields Looking to Break the Bank"

  1. Archie

    HE’S WORTH EVERY PENNY THAT HE CAN GET GET. THAT’S HOW THE FREE MARKET WORKS. He will get at least $9MM/yr. TT could have locked him up long term a year ago for half that amount. Unfortunately TT has a hard time figuring out future value. Remember when CLE offered him two #1s and round switches throughout draft to get the Pack’s #1 to draft Brady Quinn? TT turned them down saying he had no basis for evaluating trade offers that included future picks. OMG! We have a model T running our team.

    • James

      He won’t get $9MM a year from the Packers because he isn’t good enough. If that becomes his market value then let some other team pay it.

  2. Quite easy to say it was a mistake to not sign him with neglecting one contributing factor, it takes two. Sam Shields even said he held out in hopes to get “paid” big bucks, didn’t work out so “here I am”.

    Revisionist history and chest pounding. Love it!

  3. GBslacker

    Prior to last year’s decent season, Shield’s play has been up and down.

    Tough to decide how much he’s worth.

    I wouldn’t say that the Packers blew it, just that they didn’t know what to offer.

    Pro Bowls.
    There’s a lot missing in this guys resume.

    I’d think a Tim Jennings deal would be fair.

  4. vj

    He’s a top 2 corner on our team and maybe the division, until Detroit takes Justin Gilbert in the draft. Time to change the draft board a bit and look corner in Rd1? I personally think Hayward mans his spot and we take Verrett from TCU to man the slot corner, nickel corner…if we can’t get Sam back.

    • Phatgzus

      They’re not changing the draft board, that would reflect an organization that “needs” drafts, the Packers are BAP or at the most, a targeting organization-neither of those philosophies involved ranking players by value based on need.

  5. Iltarion

    So, the Packers “blew it” by not signing Shields last offseason.

    Hahaha…. as if Shields had no say in it. What makes you think last offseason was any different than this one?

    What if Shields pulled his hamstring and Hayward had a great season? Then we’d be reading how stupid TT was by signing Shields to a long-term contract.

    This guy was always going to get paid. That’s the kind of guy he is. If he was more interested in remaining a Packer than getting paid, then HE would have signed last offseason.

    Brent Grimes just got $8 mil a season with $16 mil guaranteed. Shields is younger and faster. I expect Shields to at least be in the $7 mil a season $15 mil guaranteed range.

  6. Howard

    Shields may only be worth 5 mil or he may be worth 9 mil a year I have a guess but I do not know for sure. I do know for sure his agent is playing the game he always play. Hopefully we get Shiels back at the right price. If we don’t then I say the first game and second etc. we play against him the first 15 scripted power plays are power sweep to Shields side.

  7. James

    If they are going to spend $9 mil they should target Vontae Davis he is a more physical all around player. He is actually viable in run support.

  8. Kato

    Ok, one problem I see here. If we miss out on shields, we are looking ok this year for corner. But what happens when tramon williams contract expires after this year? He will be over 30. They almost certainly will take a corner high. First two rounds. Maybe trade up like they did for matthews?

  9. MADCity Packer Fan

    LOL he is not gonna get 9 mil a year lol! Another team will probably pay him but it isn’t going to be a superbowl contender.

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