People Think Packers No Longer Have Julius Peppers

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Julius Peppers

Julius Peppers

Ah, the stupidity of the Internet masses. It’s great for comedy! Some people currently think Julius Peppers will not play for the Green Bay Packers in 2014.

Why? This stupid headline from CBS Sports: After Further Review: Packers are not getting prime Julius Peppers.

First of all, really Pete Prisco? So, you’re telling me a football player who’s 34 years old isn’t as good as he was when he was, say, 24? You don’t say? Shit. I thought he was going to go out there have his best season yet!

You really mailed that column in you stupid prick…

Anyway, people are reading the headline as “Packers are not getting Julius Peppers.” Like, he won’t be signing with the team (even though he already did) or he’s been released.


Calm down, everyone. The moron who wrote the column we referenced above was simply stating that the Packers won’t be getting the dominant Julius Peppers of year’s past. They won’t be getting a player in his prime. “Prime” is the operative word there.

Peppers is still on the team and could be through 2016.

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13 Comments on "People Think Packers No Longer Have Julius Peppers"

  1. K.L.

    Pete Prisco is a dumbass. That article is so clearly biased, it is sad. Even sadder that people were taking one look at the title and assuming that Julius Peppers’ was let go by the Packers.

    • Phatgzus

      Pete Prisco, the only reason you’ll ever need to not visit a website ever again.

      Just goes to show you the intellect level of people who frequent that site, including the “journalists” themselves (Mike Freeman.for example)

  2. Cuban

    All this shit every year bout putting more money into education every year and people are getting dumber and dumber by the fucking day. What the hell happened to basic reading comprehension.

  3. Nacho dan

    It’s all about questions that look like a statement on the internet. Websites know people are dumb and it’s all about getting people to click on that link. Read between the lines dumb dumb.

  4. billybong

    Dammit!!!! I thought TT finally did something in F/A and now your saying he’s not a Packer!!! This is bullshit…Time to bring in Fred Allen then!!!


    They have always been this fucking stupid. Just look in the stands at a Vikings or Bears game….there they all are!

  6. lars

    Why would people care/believe what some idiot made-up on Twitter? Prisco stated the obvious—that Peppers isn’t Justin Smith or JJ Watt re: effort and results. Few are.

  7. The Money Mike

    I love the video clips of “no effort” on that link…hes fucking doing his assignment,the dirty work, makes RB/QB lose an exit and run into another tackler

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