Packers Visited with Offensive Lineman Mike McGlynn

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Mike McGlynn

Mike McGlynn

The Green Bay Packers appear interested in at least looking at outside options for a new starting center. They reportedly brought free agent offensive lineman Mike McGlynn to town this week.

McGlynn last played for the Indianapolis Colts, where he made 14 starts in 2013. He has 48 starts over the past four seasons and has played both guard and center. Of the 14 starts in 2013, three were at center.

The Packers need someone to replace last year’s starting center, Evan Dietrich-Smith, who signed with Tampa two weeks ago. The options currently on the roster are second-year man J.C. Tretter and right tackle Don Barclay, who could be changing positions with Bryan Bulaga returning to the right side.

There have been whispers around 1265 that the coaching staff wants a bigger center (EDS is 6-2, 297). McGlynn fits the bill at 6-4, 325. That doesn’t mean he’d walk into a starting role in Green Bay though. He’d have to win a competition that includes Tretter at the very least.

And before you get too excited that there’s going to be a competition, McGlynn is also drawing interest from Tennessee.

If the Packers indeed let McGlynn leave town without a contract, it’s a good bet they’re not going to sign him. Look no further than tight end Owen Daniels, who visited the Packers early on in free agency only to leave town and never be heard from again.

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9 Comments on "Packers Visited with Offensive Lineman Mike McGlynn"

  1. Abe Frohman

    I believe the Titans have a returning starter. McGlynn would most likely be a backup for them. TT is letting McGlynn establish his market, and then will low ball him – assuming they liked the interview.

  2. lars

    Barclay got a long look at center (when they were dying to have Newhouse win that RT job in camp and jerking Barclay all over the line) and failed. Tretter hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL and played TACKLE in college.

    A vet makes sense and TT will indeed low-ball McGlynn as he tried with Wells and EDS.

  3. Pete D

    I would say center is the number 1 priority that needs to be addressed. A disaster at center could undo a lot of hard work that has been done to build this offense

  4. GBslacker

    I saw this on the JS

    Under options at center, McCarthy said Josh Sitton, T.J. Lang, and Don Barclay are all candidates (as well as Tretter).

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Sitton as a Center.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play there, pre-season or otherwise.

    It might allow Barclay to stay in the starting lineup, at guard, maximizing his run-blocking, minimizing his pass-blocking.

    I don’t think I’m crazy about Lang or Barclay at center.

    Think it’s smoke, or McCarthy tinkering?
    …or real option??

    • E. Wolf

      This is insanity. Center is not a disposable position, it may be second only to left tackle. It took several tries to get formidable, reliable guards with Sitton and Lang. So moving either of them is a disaster waiting to happen. Better draft soemone. Problem is, not all draft picks work out. And we have other needs to tend to.

    • Phatgzus

      I don’t think Sitton to C is necessarily smoke, but will only happen if Barclay, Tretter, or even Lang all fail. Sitton has been cross-trained like all the others but his value at G (especially on Rodgers’ blindside) just seems to high to make this likely. I think MM has the utmost confidence in Sitton anywhere inside and that’s essentially why he said it.

  5. Shawn Neuser

    Let’s keep it real here. Sitton has about as much chance of playing center as I do.

    By listing options, MM is giving an illusion of depth, which in turn is supposed to dissuade other GMs from thinking a C is high on the Packers’ draft board.

    TT continues his long quest for a large center. Jason Spitz couldn’t stay healthy, Barclay couldn’t snap, Tretter snapped his ankle. Maybe McGlynn will settle for cheap.

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