Packers Tried to Sign Mike Neal, Failed

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Mike Neal sacks Jake Locker

Mike Neal sacks Jake Locker

The Green Bay Packers aren’t having much luck at re-signing their own free agents before free agency begins. Like Sam Shields and John Kuhn, the Packers have been in negotiations with outside linebacker Mike Neal.

Like Shields and Kuhn, Neal is choosing to test the market.

The only difference between Neal and the other two guys is it looks like the Packers were actually in the ballpark with their offer to Neal.

Neal had his finest season as a pro in 2013, after the Packers shuffled him from defensive end to outside linebacker. He put up 47 tackles and five sacks, while starting 10 games. All of those were career highs.

Neal seems to have found a home at linebacker and he’s still learning the position, so he’s only going to get better. Clearly, it would be a good move for the Packers to keep him around and continue his development.

The market will dictate that, though. Other teams may very well see the potential in Neal that the Packers do and offer to pay him accordingly.

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18 Comments on "Packers Tried to Sign Mike Neal, Failed"

  1. Sean

    Probably looking for the Erik Walden money. I mean if Eric Walden can break the bank then someone is going to do it for Mike Neal.

    • Cheese

      Exactly what I thought. Why can’t he re-sign anybody but Chris Banjo? He probably wants more compensatory seventh round picks next year.

  2. GBslacker

    “Neal seems to have found a home at linebacker…”
    After one year?

    “and he’s still learning the position, so he’s only going to get better.”

    He looked awful in coverage; no lateral movement.

    Considering how many OLBs have gone through the Packer OLB mill — learning the position — I think it’s an absolute stretch to say he’s only going to get better.

    He could plateau right where he left off, only for a much greater salary.

  3. Howard

    The two problems besides coverage that seamed to show up the most often with Neal was:
    1. He was often a quarter of a step late to the quarterback and running backs.
    2. He lost outside contain a lot with emphasis on a lot.

    Those problems may be related to experience or injuries and if they are Neal could be more productive than he was last year. It just seams like you cannot pay Neal as anything other than a middle of the road outside linebacker at this time.

    You also have to worry about Neals health issues over the years. Even though he did play a lot this year it appeared he was hurt often as he missed a lot of practice time. It does make you wonder if Neal would play through the injuries as he did this year if it was not a contract year?

  4. beardownpackup

    Yeah, yeah, yeah fuck all this…. Ryan Shazier jist ran a 4.36 and leapt 42 inches on his vert – at 237 pounds. If Moseley isn’t available and we don’t pick this motherfucker, shame you Fast Teddy Thompson.

  5. Jurgens

    Man, I just love Ted Thompson’s “We don’t sign outside free agents so that we can keep the cap space to not sign any of our in house free agents we’ll just plug holes with undrafted free agents” strategy.

    • Iltarion

      And yet the Packers consistently rank in the Top 10 in player salaries every year. Look it up.

      Yeah, doesn’t seem to jive with your fantasy.

  6. Iltarion

    Yeah, I think you have to give Packer brass a pass on this one. Who the hell at this point really knows what this guy’s worth is? He has been oft-injured, played a decent half season at DE, and then a decent three-quarters of a season at OLB.

    He hasn’t impressed at either position; again, he’s been decent. So, who is going to throw big money at this guy at this point?

    The Packers were generous to offer this guy anything before free agency hits; because if it were me, I would absolutely wait and see what the market says this guy is worth before I signed him because frankly I have no idea right now.

  7. Savage57

    No way Neal re-signs with the Packers. Not after the way they ‘disrespected’ him.

    Take it on the road, homes. Enjoy Buffalo.

  8. lars

    Neal won’t have to sign w/Buffalo, Savage. The Chiefs, Seahawks and Raiders have former Packers’ execs who, unlike TT, aren’t afraid to help their teams by signing FA’s. Not that Neal is anything special. He’s just another mediocrity from a Packers defense filled with meh “talent” like Burnett, Raji, Pickett, Hawk, Brad Jones, Perry, Worthy, Boyd, Daytone Jones.

  9. the real russ letlow

    I don’t know what Neal’s leverage is. He has been continually hurt, & can’t find a position. He was average as a 3 -4 inside rusher/ DE and as an OLB. Not enough time at OLB to figure out if he is worth any $$$. Walden got his and played in spurts like he did for us. If someone wants to overpay Neal, so be it and so long.

  10. Fuck him!! Just a pass rusher..slow and cant tackle or contain anyway..time to take out the trash!! Cut all their salaries…and bring in some guys that wanna play..on a team with a great qb!!

  11. Skinny

    Most of these guys haven’t done shit since the 2010 season so Im all for giving the roster a makeover.

  12. Phatgzus

    The Packers saga of not being able to sign/re-sign free agents recalls the It’s a Charlie Brown Halloween movie…”I got a rock”,

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