Packers Reportedly Interested in Lamarr Houston and Arthur Jones

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Lamarr Houston

Lamarr Houston

The Green Bay Packers are looking long and hard at a couple free agent defensive ends, according to reports. They are the Oakland Raiders Lamarr Houston and the Baltimore Ravens Arthur Jones.

Ian Rapoport says the Packers are interested in Houston.

Aaron Wilson has the Packers kicking the tires on Jones.

So what are we talking about with these two guys you’ve probably never heard of? Value! Upside! And other things like that.

Houston, a former second-round pick and a four-year starter, is 6-3, 300 pounds and just 26 years old. In 2013, he had 69 tackles, six sacks and two forced fumbles. That Raiders reportedly considered slapping the franchise tag on Houston, but ultimately decided against it.

Houston isn’t really worth franchise tag money — the tender was set at just over $13 million for defensive ends. That doesn’t mean he’s going to come cheap, however. The Raiders and their $69 million in cap room will most certainly make an effort to keep Houston.

Jones fits a similar mold. He’s 6-3, 315 and 27 years old. Unlike Houston, he hasn’t been a full-time starter, but he’s still put up some decent numbers. In 2013, Jones had 53 tackles and four sacks.

He’s also going to be the cheaper of the two.

The Packers’ interest in these guys shows they’re serious about revamping the defensive line. Houston would be the bigger catch, of course, but there will be plenty of competition.

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25 Comments on "Packers Reportedly Interested in Lamarr Houston and Arthur Jones"

  1. Tyler

    Really like the idea of Houston not sure how much he will cost but we do still have 27-29 mil left after the Shields deal. Probably wont happen but I think he could be really good playing for the Packers.

    • Cheese

      Haha, awesome. How many defensive lineman do we have to go through just to find one that can actually play well? Jolly sat out for 3 years due to prison time, came back, and outplayed almost the whole D-line.

    • GBslacker

      That’s easy!

      Just ask them to do something their bodies can’t do:
      —if they’re slow, have them cover somebody
      —if they’re small, have them set an edge

      Don’t forget that McCarthy likes players to be “multiple” — there will be plenty of opportunities to find a spot where they look like fish out of water.

  2. billybong

    Why does anyone think any of this is going to happen…Ted’s probably hiding in a closet shaking because of the big contract he gave Shields….thats enough for him for one year!!! Sure hope he has done his homework on this years draft…

  3. TyKo Steamboat

    Paul Soliai, NT, Miami Dolphins

    There aren’t too many humans built like that guy.
    This would be the best pick-up for our defense IMO

  4. Skinny

    Packers come in at around 5-7 million less than what both these guys want and sign elsewhere. One makes an official visit though just to make other teams think Green Bay is in play.

  5. Tucson Packer

    Throw up a poll, Monty. Lets see if people feel our brass will even tinker with FA.

    I say hell no, but I’ll be more than happy to eat some crow.

  6. BearDownPackUp

    We’re DEF going to make moves in Free Agency. We damn near don’t have a choice with the number of players that are potentially leaving. With so much cap space, the dedication to getting Capers the right ingredients for a top-tier defense is likely imminent. TT cannot, and for my money, will not let this team continue to flounder in the playoffs due to defense any longer.

    Throw the motha-effin poll up son!!

    “In TT We Trust”

    • Patrick Tompkins

      Where have you been the last 8 years? He will fill holes with draft picks and UFAs, not anyone who is desired by another team. It is his goal to have only players who were drafted by the Packers so he can be some sort of a trivia answer some day. You go ahead and trust TT, I like what the Pats and Seahwaks have done by mixing draft picks with Free Agency… Ted only drafts. Please, Ted, prove me wrong.

      • Phatgzus

        Aren’t all free agents by their very definition players who are not wanted by other teams? In the end, don’t all free agents reside with only one team, and it’s arguable that that is the only team that truly wanted him?

        Also remember Sam Shields and Tramon Williams weren’t wanted, neither was Bart Starr (he wouldv’e been a UDFA in today’s system).

  7. lars

    Thompson doesn’t sign FA’s in the first two weeks of FA’cy. So, you can cross off Houston, Jones, and of course, Byrd. Look for the next signing to be that fat tub of guts Raji.

  8. Never gonna will kick the tires..then sit back and let some other team sign them to a cap friendly deal. P.s. Teddy..the safety situation isnt going to fix itself!!!! Get your head out of your ass and fix it!!!!

  9. BearDownPackUp

    If not free agency where else would we go to fix all the holes in that defense?!

    *If your response has anything to do with the draft, do yourself a favor and don’t press send.

    • Phatgzus

      The used-car lot? My apologies; however, I didn’t press “send”, “submit” on the other hand.

  10. Pastordad

    Lamar woodlly just came available… Just wondering! Might help shore up our weakness in the LB corps.

  11. How the hell do the bears or viqueers have any money to be active in free angency..theyve been cap strapped for years? Im really starting to hate the bears..more than usual..all ted has to do is inquire about a player..and they push hard to sign him.

  12. Hey..i have an idea lets sign 3 low tier dl..only to cut them all before the regular season!! We all know ted will bow out once he hears what others are offering..cut some salaries ted..get 1 decent dl or safety..and get band aids for the rest!

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