Packers Have Re-Signed Andrew Quarless

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Andrew Quarless

Andrew Quarless

Look at these guys! A signing a day! The Green Bay Packers are masters of free agency! The Packers have gone and re-signed tight end Andrew Quarless.

God’s Gifts, yo!

What? Not the show-stopping free agency move you were hoping for? Well, sorry we don’t have something more exciting to report.

Quarless got a two-year deal worth $3 million, which seems reasonable enough.

The former fifth-round pick is coming off a career season, which isn’t really saying that much, but a career season is a career season. In 2013, Quarless has 32 catches for 312 yards and two touchdowns. Those were all career highs.

The Packers hope Quarless can continue to grow and turn into that dual threat blocking/receiving combo tight end. At the very least, the signing provides the team with some stability at the position. Starter Jermichael Finley hasn’t been cleared for full contact after having spinal fusion surgery and he’s also a free agent.

In Quarless, the Packers know they have someone who can at least be a serviceable starter.

Now, does that mean they shouldn’t acquire another tight end? No, it doesn’t. If he’s healthy, we’d love to see Finley back in Green Bay. If not, we’d love to see the Packers sign former Texans’ tight end Owen Daniels.

Daniels is or will be in Green Bay this week.

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14 Comments on "Packers Have Re-Signed Andrew Quarless"

  1. Sean

    Reports had Finley and Seahawks with mutual interest after his visit there but he has yet to be cleared. I have a feeling GB will move on even if he is cleared.

  2. Icebowler

    Good sign under the circumstances. Even if Finley is cleared to take a hit, I wonder whether he will have lost some of the range of motion in his neck? What he has over other good TE’s is his ability to go deep down the middle while keeping his head turned back to the QB. If he loses 5° or more of motion, he’s now just run of the mill.

  3. Savage57

    And so ends the six-year run of an incredibly over-hyped, outrageously over-priced one man show, ‘YOTTO’ or as I like to say, Yo Old Ted Thompson, Owned.

    With Quarless signed, the cancer can now begin stealing from the Seahags.

  4. Iltarion

    Amen, Savage.

    Quarless has stepped in nicely each time Finley went down. The guy has the athleticism and the body to be a quality all-around TE. We won a Super Bowl with this guy.

    He was a big factor in beating the Cowboys and Bears last season. Matt Flynn showed that all Quarless needs is a QB with confidence in him.

    Bostick can be our stretch the field TE. We don’t need to spend any more money at this position. Spend it elsewhere.

    Quarless and Neal were my #2 and #3 FAs to resign. Would still like EDS back, but if he wants to chase the money elsewhere, that’s fine too.

  5. Brian

    Dead on, bring on Eric Ebron!! I was one of FInley’s biggest fan, and 5 years running I was left at the end of the year shaking my head at the fact that I fell for this guys act again. A great self promoter. Should have dumped him the second he bad mouthed Rodgers that one year. Take your drops and your 8 yard gains elsewhere. We need a receiver at that position.

    • GBslacker

      Spend a first round pick on Ebron, instead of defense?

      With Bostick and Quarless already on the roster?

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