Mike McCarthy Wants to Coach Your Football Team for a Long Time

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Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy have an argument

Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy have an argument

Ah, Mike McCarthy. The head buffoon. If he has his way, he’ll be coaching the Green Bay Packers for eight more years.

That’s what he relayed to Mike Vandermause yesterday.

“Working in Green Bay, there’s nothing like getting up every day and going to Lambeau Field,” said McCarthy on Wednesday. “I love the people I work with. I love where I work, and more importantly I love what I do. I feel like I’m at halftime, frankly, hopefully.”


Yes, it’s true that we don’t think much of McCarthy. He’s probably the absolute worst at in-game adjustments, doesn’t inspire any sort of fire in his teams and for some reason, stubbornly sticks with veteran starters who’d get benched anywhere else.

That being said, he does win.

McCarthy is 88-50-1 overall, which is a .641 winning percentage. That puts him fourth overall in the latter category in Packers history. He’s made the playoffs in six of his eight seasons at the helm.

We’re not going to sit and argue with those results, especially when very few NFL teams can claim something similar. We just think, at times, that McCarthy is maddening.

And he’s planning on hanging around for quite some time.

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17 Comments on "Mike McCarthy Wants to Coach Your Football Team for a Long Time"

  1. zippy joe

    McCarthy isn’t Holmgren, but he’s solid. Holmgren left. McCarthy is loyal, and he wins. Remember Lindy Infante?? I’ll take MM over any of the yokels we’ve had in the past. Not flashy; just winning steadily. If it’s not broken…

  2. Brian

    I love this. So true Zippy Joe. McCarthy is so frustrating sometimes during games but he is a good head coach that has a proven track record of winning.

  3. E. Wolf

    My biggest complaint about Mac is that he held on to DOm Capers, even after the evidence is pretty overwhelming. I guess this season will tell.
    The shenanigans going at center and safety do not help either.

    • K.L.

      Dom Capers works with the circumstances and the players that Thompson gives him. And he’s not a miracle worker. We can’t expect him to be. I used to want him out too, until I realized one thing. Players>plays.

      You build your defense around your defensive players, good or bad. A good defensive scheme or alignment is not going to turn crappy players into champions. Last year was pretty ugly. With all the injuries, the lack of a veteran presence, and all the rookies starting on defense last year, we still managed to make a pretty damn good last stand against the 49ers at the end of the season. You gotta appreciate that. And give Capers a break.

      • E. Wolf

        I accept some of TT’s picks are busts. But to suggest almost all of his defensive picks are all on TT, no. Additionally, his habit of picking project players to turn them into something else (Neal, Datone Jomes as two examples) has Capers written all over it.
        Also, in 09 with Collins Woodson and co, we had inflated defensive stats. Every time we played a first tier quarterback (Berty, Palmer back then, Roethlisberger and above all Kurt Warner) we were torched.
        Capers does a good job for a year or two then falls apart.

        • billybong

          just what i was thinking…Dom the genius likes to have guys “try” to adapt to a new position and then shine at it…hasn’t been working…to say none of defensive problems are Capers fault is foolish…i think anywhere else he’s gone by now…this year Mike had a talk with him and Slocum and probably said ‘one more chance, and I’m taking a bigger part in it”….

  4. billybong

    yah i wish he had more fire like the sideline maniac that the Lions just let go, or maybe the living statue that the Vikes had the last couple of years…

  5. Lisa

    I think he is a terrific and classy coach. I would ten thousand times rather have MM then Harbaugh or Schwartz. No one is perfect, but his track record is pretty damn good,

  6. Jon Mallaber

    It takes a special kind of jackass to actually use the work buffoon. Stick to the comedy Hollywood.

  7. C

    You’ve finally done it,,,,you have finally irritated me enough with your alleged 20/10 hindsite vision that drives you to bash TT and MM for any mistake they make.
    Dumbass, they are not perfect,,,,NO ONE is.
    The people who are the farthest from perfect are the ones that are actually stupid enough to expect perfection. Its impossible to accomplish.
    Take Lombardi’s mission you ‘buffoon’….
    “We will relentlessly chase perfection. While perfection is impossible to achieve, we will reach excellence in our pursuit of perfection/”

    All of your bashing that just grows and grows has finally pushed me over the edge. Total Packers gets ditched from bookmarks and favorites.
    Esta luego el bafooono!

  8. TyKo Steamboat

    If Shawn’s thought-provoking article a couple weeks ago about McCarthy & injuries didn’t pour insight into the already spoiled cup of unappreciative Packer fans…then perhaps you should just check dude’s record vs. the Chicago Bears…


  9. Shawn Neuser

    Not sure what else the guy is supposed to say, but it is always nice to employ someone who wants to be here.

    The top organizations have stability at the top.

    The word out of 1265 is that MM is huge into game analytics. Money ball stuff. This might explain some of his “stranger” game decisions.

    Since the Packers made the playoffs thanks to 2nd half comebacks against Minny, Atlanta and Dallas, I’m not sure its accurate to criticize MM’s in-game adjustments.

    His benching of Tolzien and insertion of Matt Flynn saved the Packers’ season. Pretty good in-game adjustment there.

    It is probably more accurate to agree that in-game adjustments are simply easy fodder for AFTER game discussions.

  10. MADCity Packer Fan

    A coach is as good as his players that he has to work with. Mike is a good coach. He had made in game mistakes but I think he is a guy that has learn from them and is about progressing as a coach. Keep him!

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