Here’s Miley Cyrus in a Green Bay Packers Jersey

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus in a Green Bay Packers jersey

Not going to lie. We enjoy Miley Cyrus. Sure, she’s an attention-seeking whore, but the lengths she goes to to get that attention is awesome.

Don’t be confused. We don’t like her music. In fact, couldn’t even name one of her songs. But she looks good. She also gives us the impression she’d probably pound shots of Jack with us and then get down on her knees and [redacted].

So, two thumbs up!

Miley played that hole known as the Bradley Center in Milwaukee last night. As has become pretty typical when some musician plays a gig in Wisconsin… throw on a Green Bay Packers jersey to get the locals fired up!

Miley donned that Aaron Rodgers jersey prior to last night’s show. Not really sure what she did on stage. Don’t care, in fact.

Since you’ve been good, here’s some more of Miley. If you’d like to see A LOT more, look up the shoot she did for Terry Richardson. And you’re welcome.

Miley Cyrus

(Miley Cyrus)

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16 Comments on "Here’s Miley Cyrus in a Green Bay Packers Jersey"

  1. Phatgzus

    You have the body of a fourteen-year-old, sorry, Miley, but you’re not the next Great American Sex Object; you are, however, a home-wrecker and potentially the next Lindsay Lohan (Peter Griffin voice), so congrats on that.

  2. Cheese

    NOOOOO! Nasty devil slut is wearing a Packer jersey, dispose of it immediately!

    As for Flo, I say no way. Those commercials make me want to throw a sledge hammer through the television.

    • E. Wolf


      I regard all Packer fans with a rebuttable presumption of friendship and brotherhood. Your comments do not by themselves rebut that presumption, but they come close.
      I dig flo. She is not quite on par with the likes of Amy Adams, Charlize Theron or even Gillian Anderson back in the day (all of whom are archetypes of my ideal woman), but there is something about her, particularly with that dusting of a goth alternative look, that just revs my engine. Those eyes, that mouth, set against that flawless, alabaster skin are to die for. The color and texture of her legs must be reminiscent of the petals of soft white flowers. And further up, that most delicious, warm hot center must offer the most invigorating nectar, instilling super human strength and virility in any man so blessed to partake in this very essence of her sex and womanhood.
      Anyway, Monty is right–this trollope is simply wearing a Packers jersey to pander to the local audience. What a surprise that Miley fans, namely not so bright adolescent girls, do not know when they are being patronized.

      • Cheese

        Whatever floats your boat. Still, all car insurance commercials are incredibly annoying, beyond stupid, and totally unwatchable. Unless they contain Mayhem. Then they’re cool.

      • Savage57

        And that is why God in his wisdom made such a diverse cadre of vessels to carry that wisp of an idea that man refers to as ‘beauty’.

  3. Cuban

    Dont really know what is wrong with the younger generations these days being im only 29, but i never really got into the whole girl looking like a guy thing

  4. Phatgzus

    I thought Miley was a teenage boy-aren’t she and Justin Bieber the same person, only one’s an alter ego?

  5. Cuban

    I saw something online a while back comparing bieber and miley side by side, and they were virtually the same

  6. shlizzy

    Flo is definitely the ugliest regular commercial woman, currently. Id bang that big fat cloroxx bleach lady before Flo.

    • E. Wolf

      No–just, no. Die a horrible death.
      For the rest of you, there is a skit by the actress who plays her in an amusing skit. Just go on youtube search “Stephanie Courtney and Dad’s New Girlfriend.” Sexy, funny and witty–not many of those: Step into my car sans panties? Yes, please.

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