Here’s Some More of Jacquelyn Zook

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Jacquelyn Zook

On Friday we found out that Green Bay Packers assistant special teams coach Ron Zook has a daughter. Her name is Jacquelyn Zook. This wouldn’t normally be notable, except that she’s an actress and she’s not bad to look at.

Her resume as an actress isn’t mind-blowingly impressive or anything, but she was in a Wendy’s commercial you’ve seen a million times.

Mmmmm… Wendy’s…

Actually, Wendy’s kind of sucks, but those broads in that commercial, well…

Anyway, we promised you more of Jacquelyn on Friday and now we’re delivering.

Jacquelyn Zook

Ron Zook's daughter

Jackie Zook

Ron Zook's daughter

Jacquelyn Zook

Here’s where we pause a moment to acknowledge the fact that this “Wendy” is way hotter than the actual Wendy. You know, the one Dave Thomas fathered.

Wendy's commercial

Jackie Zook

Jacquelyn Zook

Jacquelyn Zook

This last photo was some sort of audition or role where Jacquelyn played a teacher. So, naturally…


Finally, if you want more check out Jacquelyn on Twitter or her website.

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  1. E. Wolf

    Good eating pussy there. Yummers. That last pic, with the obscene miniskirt and hiked up halter top, just imagine that skirt pulled up.
    And now kids, here’s a tip from your Uncle Wolfie. Women who look like that, and indeed anyone reasonably fit, male or female, do not eat shitty fast food. Don’t believe everything you see on television, kids.
    Oh and those extreme closeups of hamburgers are disgusting.

  2. BZ in BA

    I think that this is one of the best sites on the web. Seriously. I like the irreverent take on life. Keep it up!

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