Here’s a Chicago Bears Fan Burning his Julius Peppers Jersey

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Chicago Bears fan burns Julius Peppers jersey

Chicago Bears fan burns Julius Peppers jersey

Not surprisingly, some Chicago Bears fans weren’t too happy that Julius Peppers signed with the Green Bay Packers.

It’s not exactly like Brett Favre signing with the Minnesota Vikings, but Bears fans don’t have much to hold onto. I mean, Peppers actually played for the Carolina Panthers before coming to the Bears. It’s not like he was a career-long Bear. I could see these idiots being pissed if Brian Urlacher signed with the Packers. And never mind that the Bears cut the guy, but whatever.

Hey, 1985.

We’d tell you to go out and burn your M.D. Jennings jersey, but that would be about as stupid as the Bears actually signing M.D. Jennings.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is the bigger joke — the Bears organization or their fans.

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18 Comments on "Here’s a Chicago Bears Fan Burning his Julius Peppers Jersey"

  1. Nacho Libre

    I was thinking of doing the same to a Greg Jennings jersey I bought for the old lady a couple years back…

  2. Charlie Martin

    While that lacked spontaneity and passion, it was quite spectacular once flame met thread. Pretty solid jersey burning.

  3. Phatgzus

    Burning it in his yard, full of dead grass instead of over a fire pit or at least a dirt patch, pretty heads-up stuff.

  4. Savage57

    The way these jersey’s burn, I’m sending a 12 pack of mini MAP gas torches to the Packers OLine for season opener gifts.

    “Try that bullshit hump move on me again, I’ll flame your ass.”


      I agree! Get on it Monty! But I think we can all agree that its awesome that we were able to hang on to Starks. He was great last season.

  5. Phatgzus

    Not a Twitter follower of Starksyboy eh, Monty.

    Just re-signed him for 2 years, ~$3.2M, $750K guaranteed, $1.5M cap hit in ’14.

  6. Phillthy Phill

    Does anyone else imagine Houston not drafting Clowney and Ted trading up to the second pick to get him. Maybe I’m high.

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