Green Bay Packers Week on NFL Network

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Vince Lombardi lights a cigarette

Vince Lombardi lights a cigarette

If you have been missing out, then there are still three days left to get with the program on NFL Network.

Since there are no games being played, the NFL Network has to come up with creative programing to fill the void, not dissimilar to the rest of us.

Its latest concoction is Dynasty Week, and who is the first dynasty they are spending a week on? The Green Bay Packers.

So it is green and gold all day, every day this week.

On Monday night, A Football Life — Vince Lombardi, Parts 1 & 2, were shown back-to-back. And last night, the actual telecast of the Ice Bowl was shown twice. Current and former Packers have also been guests on Total Access all week, with James Jones on last night and Antonio Freeman on tonight.

That’s some pretty kick-ass programing to have missed out on already, but hey, late is better than never. You have three days of Packers glory yet to witness if you tune in for the remainder of the week.

Want to see the remainder of this week’s schedule? Go here for the full rundown.


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Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.

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    Way to go Toilet Paper. Remind guys after the good stuff has been aired. Spot on journal blogging you fucking drunks! I stumbled on this shit Monday nursing a Banger myself.

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    Nobody talks like that you snarly-toothed BITCH!

    Nursing a banger… lmfao

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