David Bakhtiari Says David Bakhtiari is the Packers’ Left Tackle

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David Bakhtiari

David Bakhtiari

Apparently there’s some debate about this. Where and why, we couldn’t tell you. Our guess is the local hacks need something to write about so they pretend like maybe the Green Bay Packers might put Bryan Bulaga back at left tackle this season. Anyone sane — or who isn’t trying to create controversy out of dirt — would tell you the Packers’ left tackle is David Bakhtiari.

Among those, David Bakhtiari.

“The only thing I know is I played the last game at left tackle and I haven’t had anybody tell me anything otherwise,” Bakhtiari said this week. “I’m going to come in like I’m the left tackle. I’m going to take it on like I did last year and just try to keep whoever they want to throw at Aaron, keep them off his backside.”

So if you want to reach for some sort of controversy in this instance, here you go. Bulaga was the left tackle before suffering a torn ACL in the preseason. He’s also a former first-round pick. Bakhtiari is just entering his second season after being a fourth-round pick. So, clearly Bulaga should get his job back!

Poppycock! And we don’t know why the hell anyone even bothers making this suggestion. Bakhtiari played well at left tackle while starting all 16 games in 2013. Did he play at an All-Pro level? No, but he was decent and he’s only going to get better.

Bulaga, meanwhile, is what he is. Serviceable and injury-prone. We’ve seen enough of him to know he’s not going to be an All Pro-caliber guy. He’s also not going to be a sieve like Marshall Newhouse was. So, good enough!

Mark Tauscher made a career out of being good enough. And like Bulaga is going to have to do, he made it at right tackle.

There’s no reason short of injury Bakhtiari shouldn’t be the Packers starting left tackle on opening day. We’re glad he’s aware of it. It would be nice if everyone else got with the program.

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15 Comments on "David Bakhtiari Says David Bakhtiari is the Packers’ Left Tackle"

  1. douche baggins


    idk if theyre gonna move barclay to center or see what tretter can do there. but bulaga was a pro bowl RT two years ago (if im not mistaken?) and has been solid. bahk took the team by storm. nobody expected that from a 4th round ROOKIE. anybody who wants to replace a rookie that played that well given the expectations and circumstance should have their respective nads chopped off or reproduce in chicago or minnesota.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      I swear to God it seems that some of you kids want Derek Sherrod, a man that Teddy T values as a 1st round draft pick, to fail….

      He had his femur snapped like a broom stick…ya know?

  2. Chad Lundberg

    Good enough? GOOD ENOUGH??? I love this site, but this is one time where I have to STRONGLY DISAGREE!!!

    Bulaga was one of the best right tackles in the NFL back 2011. I head meany agreed that he was arguably the best. Yes, he hasn’t played in a while, WHO CARES! The talent is there! As long as he stays healthy here on out, that’s what matters.

    David is good, and yes, and will certainly get better. He’s a starter for sure! But where does all this “Bulaga isn’t better than Bakhtiari” nonsense come from??? I’m just at a loss!

    There was a reason they initially planned to make him left tackle last year, it was because it’s his natural position. A player close to being all-pro at left tackle is important to have! Especially when Rodgers is your quarterback.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      I just get a kick outta “injury prone”

      Or “He just can’t stay healthy” …

      Like these guys can help it when a fucken running back rolls-up onto their ankle or when they get speared in the knee by a helmet…He tore a knee…He ripped up a hip bone….But they can’t “Stay healthy”.

      Injuries are 90% bad luck. You can’t condition yourself for certain misfortunes. If you’re the Packers, you just stretch your hamstrings a little more in warm-ups I guess.

    • Vijay

      Bakhtiari is lighter (faster) on his feet than Bulaga who is only a slight upgrade at RT over options like swing reserve, Don Barclay. Let’s not forget that SEA game (2012 week 3) when we gave up the eight sacks of Rodgers in the first half which matched the most in his career for any game.

      David > Bryan at handling the speed rush on the blind side. Let’s hope Bulaga can improve his lateral movement in pass sets.

      If not, we could see a line like this:
      LT Bakhtiari
      LG Sitton
      C Lang
      RG Bulaga
      RT Sherrod

  3. rebelgb

    Bakhtiari is an animal. He is a gym rat with an outstanding work ethic. He was a bit undersized last year, even so, he performed extremely well.

    Look for him to add 15 pounds in the off season, get a private coach to work on his footwork handwork, and for him to make the pro bowl next year. Guys like him are successful because they refuse to be anything but. He was a great pic and I cant wait to watch his future unfold.

  4. Cheese

    Bulaga has barely seen the field in two years. Same goes for Sherrod, except he sucked before he broke his leg. BB will be fine as long as he stays healthy (knock on wood). Sherrod, who knows how he will show up. He’s had plenty of time to practice, but how good of practice can you get when your leg is busted to pieces..

  5. Iltarion

    Bulaga was always better suited for the right side. His weakness is speed rushers. He has never struggled against the bullrush, which you typically see from the right side.

    Bakhtiari struggled the first 3 games of the season, but he improved steadily after that. And with the exception of the D-troi game, he had a damn solid second half of the season.

    Rebelgb got it right. Bak just needs to put some pounds on, and he should be a damn good LT. I am not going to put him in the Pro Bowl. Offensive linemen typically need to be drafted high and therefore on the media’s radar from the beginning to make the Pro Bowl (see Joe Thomas, Ryan Clady etc…).

  6. TyKo Steamboat

    Bak-T is about 25 pounds away from being Chad Clifton 2.0. … An A- pass protector & an ok run blocker.

    Big Cliffy Stone ‘Em was one of the main reasons the Pack won the Superbowl in 2010 & no one ever mentioned it. He stoned everyone…Peppers & Allen in their primes…everyone.

    Like Monty said, Bak_t will only get better & like Iltarion said, Bulaga is better on the Right side.

  7. Richard

    Yep, seems like a stupid idea to start playing musical chairs on the O-Line positions that they don’t even have to. Bakhtiari stayed healthy and outplayed most people’s expectations. It better be his job to lose.

    • Phatgzus

      They did it last year and it worked out pretty damn impressively. That said, I see no reason not to stick with Bak-T at LT and Bulaga at RT.

  8. How about sherrod on dl..cant be any worse than some of the turds playing there last year..he maybe slow..but just tell him to stand there and wave his arms

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