The Brett Favre Beard is One Glorious Beard

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The Brett Favre Beard

If you’re wondering what the old slinger of guns, Brett Favre has been up to, here’s your answer. He’s been methodically growing a beard.

A glorious beard.

Brett Favre beard

Also, he’s been pumping some iron (or injecting some roids). The old man is ripped! He could literally crush your skull with those gigantic hands of his.

All the better for choking out Deanna, we’re sure.

At first, we were wondering where the hell this bearded Favre game from, but we quickly learned he was sporting the beard back at the beginning of February. The Brett Favre Beard made an appearance on NFL Network as part of their Super Bowl coverage.

It was not nearly as glorious then as it is in the above photo though.

The Brett Favre Beard

This version of The Brett Favre Beard says, hey, I’ve been in the woods too long, can I do some football analysis for you?

The new version of The Brett Favre Beard says, hey, want to get a Dos Equis later and then join me in my hotel room? Of course you do.


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14 Comments on "The Brett Favre Beard is One Glorious Beard"

  1. the real russ letlow

    dude looks reeeeeaaaaaallllll old. there is a video interview of Don Majkowski on the Packers team site. He looks a lot younger than the ol’ dickslinger does here. Majik Man!

  2. packattackinmpls

    That top picture is not Favre. Maybe his head but not his body. Someone has to much time on their hands….He looks 70!
    Anyway back to picking on Vikings fans in the MPLS Metro!!

  3. Bobby S

    He grew the beard so he would not be recognized when he climbed into TT’s bedroom, booted the Justin Bieber look alike out & paid him back for not signing Randy

  4. Savage57

    Nice to see the old man stretching his tonsorial legs. The former jarhead/general population look he was sporting just didn’t work for him.

    Aside from the pigmentation gods abandoning him, he looks like he’s holding up pretty well, all things considered. When you saw pics of Irvin and Bonita, you knew that the year were gonna be getting some payback. If there was ever a cat that the idea ‘it ain’t the model year, it’s the miles’, applied to, this is him.

    But I’ll betcha the dude can still throw the hell out of a football.

  5. Abe Frohman

    My first thought in looking at the top pic was “when did he become Santa Claus?” Hey little girl, wanna sit on my lap?

  6. the real jeff ircink

    E. Wolf – what do you care about Favre anyway. work on your petition. @ lisa – a beard signifies a “given up look”? what planet do you live on?

  7. vj

    I like Lisa. I can’t grow a beard personally and I recall those glory days when most women, except biker chics, would be disgusted by these facial filth trips. Now beards are so ‘in’ it leaves me sad and wrought with feelings of inadequacy.

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