Anybody Want Devin Hester in Green Bay?

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Devin Hester

Devin Hester

So good old Rob Demovsky tells us that the Green Bay Packers could be interested in Devin Hester.

You’ll probably remember him as the Chicago Bears return man who made the Packers look like a collection of bumbling idiots from time to time. Well, the Bears won’t be having him back and no one else has scooped Hester up yet.

That’s probably because he’s seeking around $4 million per season. Now, that would be fine if Hester was a legit NFL receiver in addition to being an all-time great returner. However, he is not. Never has been. Never will be.

Dude can run fast in a straight line and that’s about it. So, being that he’s a 31-year-old one-dimensional player, Hester’s price probably needs to drop a bit. And if it does, Demovsky tells us the Packers might take a look.

You’re probably saying, “But we already have one former washed-up Bear, why do we need another?” A fine question!

It’s not that the Packers need another Chicago castoff, it’s that they need a boss return man and Hester is definitely still that.

In 2013, he averaged 27.6 on kick returns with a long of 80 and 14.2 on punt returns with a long of 81.

The Packers were good enough on punt returns, with Micah Hyde averaging 12.3 per. They were, however, awful on kick returns. The Packers averaged 20.3 per kick return, which was third worst in the NFL.

So one, Hester immediately improves those areas. Two, he also protects two key players by taking over their return duties.

Randall Cobb, the best return man currently on the Packers roster, is going to be an offensive focal point in 2014. Meanwhile, Hyde is going to have an expanded role on defense. Why would the Packers want to risk them on returns?

They wouldn’t, unless they have to.

Three, you don’t have to worry about Hester the same way. The guy will not play a significant role on offense. He’s just a returner, so you turn him loose on returns.

So yeah, we’ll take Devin Hester in Green Bay. Certainly not at $4 million per season, but we’d be happy to have him at half that.

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17 Comments on "Anybody Want Devin Hester in Green Bay?"

  1. Savage57

    First off, even if Teddy reached and signed him, Slocum would find some way to fuck this up. He’d have the best return man in the league taking a knee.

    Second, the return guy is only as good as the blocking. And since every other return comes back with a hold, half of everything Hester took to the house would be negated by penalty.

    Maybe Hester can bring a new special teams coordinator with him as part of the deal?

    • MJ

      Second, the return guy is only as good as the blocking. And since every other return comes back with a hold, half of everything Hester took to the house would be negated by penalty.
      More than agreed. The coverage unit needs to get better, or it will not really matter who the returner is. Either by penalties or because the returner gets tackled right away.

    • Cheese

      Not that I question Hesters abilities, but blocking is a huge part of it. I remember when they took him off of kicks to try and be a receiver. The guy who took his place (Manning I think) ran back a touchdown like Hester never left. Is Devin gonna be able to pull that off with Green Bays special team squad full of undrafted free agents?

  2. Phatgzus

    Jesus Christos the dude’s only 31?! I thought he was at least 80. Even though he’s arguably (Gale Sayers, Billie “White Shoes” Johnson anyone?) the best return man ever, I say meh. He’s older, slower, and we already have one short bus teams specialist on the roster.

  3. Vijay

    The receiver and RB depth available in this draft tells me that the wise money is on them grabbing a proven college guy to try out back there. And there’s always the possibility of guys like Franklin improving in that area. I’d hold off on more Free Agent adds at this point. With the possible exception of the Center position. Wendell, De La Puente, Mack…

  4. Vijay

    I still say they grab an insurance policy like Marcedes Lewis with a low round pick/ trade in the upcoming draft. A 6th rounder should do the trick, if Finley bounces.

  5. K.L.

    I’m holding out hope that we can get Dri Archer or someone of the like in the draft to be our kick-return specialist. Make a running lane for him, and he will blaze right through.

  6. Charlie Martin

    If i remember correctly, the Bears often used other players on kick return duties, limiting Devin Hester to punt returns. Considering our struggles are with kick returns and not with punt returns (as you mentioned), he might not be as useful as otherwise thought.

  7. Abe Frohman

    the dude wants $4M a season. I say yes, but not anywhere near that price.

    When there’s a dynamic returner back there that guys have confidence in, the blocking just seems to get better.

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