Aaron Rodgers Talks Johnny Manziel, Doppelgänger on Rome

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Aaron Rodgers on Jim Rome

Aaron Rodgers on Jim Rome

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was on Jim Rome’s show Wednesday night. Like probably most of the rest of the world, I forgot that Jim Rome has a show and forgot to watch it.

But… Internet!

I was able to dig up a couple clips from the interview this morning. First, we’ve got QB1 talking about how much he likes Johnny Manziel. Mostly because he didn’t apologize for his life of privilege, but also for some other things.

Then here’s Rodgers getting compared to comedian Tom Wigglesworth, who bares a somewhat striking resemblance to the Packers quarterback.

As Kenny Bania would say, that’s gold Jerry! Gold! And let’s face it, Jim Rome is pretty much the Kenny Bania of the sports world.

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  1. Don Q

    Jim Rome says, “Aaron, I want to gratuwate you on acts of science” and this dude makes fun of people! Take speech classes before ripping on people bro.

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