Aaron Rodgers is a Cowboy, Ya’ll!

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Aaron Rodgers at the ROTH Conference

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a cowboy. Or at least he was earlier this week. A corporate cowboy, you might say.

Rodgers attended the ROTH Conference earlier this week, which is odd because it’s a conference for “growth companies” and investors.

However, various bands also play at the conference because there’s a lot of stupid money floating around. Bands like Florida Georgia Line and Nelly. Yes, they played this year. Rodgers apparently watched the former and hung out with the latter.

He also mingled pretty freely with the crowd it looks like. There are all kinds of tech doofuses that got photos with QB1.Aaron Rodgers at the ROTH Conference

Not sure who these dorks are.

Aaron Rodgers at the ROTH Conference

Again, no idea who these clowns are. Nice bandana though, brah! You’re badass!

Aaron Rodgers at the ROTH Conference

So, here are some guys we recognize — Tony Gonzalez and Lakers great Byron Scott. And maybe that other guy is a Wayans. Can’t say for sure. Don’t watch shitty movies.

Aaron Rodgers at the ROTH Conference

A couple more tech bros! Rodgers is a man of the people!

Aaron Rodgers at the ROTH Conference

Nelly. Yes, Nelly still performs. Quite a lot, it seems. Look at that watch.

Aaron Rodgers at the ROTH Conference

Broads! Yes! That one on the left is a little gunty, though. That’s a muffin top, boys. The one on the right can feel free to call me.

By the way, this is not the first time Rodgers has been a cowboy. He was also a cowboy at last summer’s welcome back lunch.


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11 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers is a Cowboy, Ya’ll!"

  1. Phillthy Phill

    Gaaaaawdammit, this site is always good for a laugh. Keep it up. As for free agency, TT keep doing what you’re doing, although seeing Ware opposite Clay would be something fearsome.

  2. Zippy Joe

    At least we lost Jennings to the Bears. Would be nice if we could get Allen or Peppers, but they might be too expensive.

    • Kato

      Yeah, I cant wait for jennings to feed the bears information about the packers offense. Seeing as how he seen them everyday for two years in practice. Glad he is gone, but not to a division rival.

  3. Iltarion

    Cowboy hat, bandana, fez, turban… whatever dudes want to wear on their melon… It’s a free country, man. All the power to them.

    Those gals look 17.

    Peppers, Ware and Allen are all 4-3 defensive ends. None of them can play OLB, and Ware and Allen can not play DE in a 3-4. Peppers could probably play a 3-4 DE, but I doubt he’d want to.

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