Wild Speculation: Green Bay Packers Sign Donte Whitner

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Donte Whitner

Donte Whitner

It’s that time of year. The time of year when media types start speculating wildly about where free agents will land. So here’s one for you — the Green Bay Packers will sign 49ers safety Donte Whitner.

That’s what USA Today’s Nate Davis suggests in his list of the top free agents.

Another dog of a player — that’s a compliment in the NFL — who could provide the veteran leadership for a team that needs an injection of attitude.

All true.

We all know the Packers safeties suck and the organization needs to do something to upgrade the position. We included Whitner on our list of top free agent safeties. We had him ranked behind Buffalo’s Jairus Byrd, Cleveland’s T.J. Ward, Indianapolis’ Antoine Bethea and the Giants’ Stevie Johnson. However, you could certainly make an argument that he’s the third best option of the group behind Byrd and Ward.

Whitner had 73 tackles and two picks in 2013. He’s 28 and his last contract averaged a little over $3.8 million per season.

That suggests Whitner isn’t going to command huge money like Byrd is. And that means the Packers might actually have a shot of signing him. You know, at least until they insult him with some low-ball offer and he goes elsewhere for a perfectly reasonable contract.

Unlike the Packers, who have ample salary cap space, the 49ers currently have just around $6.7 million. That would suggest they’ll likely have to let Whitner walk.

So, game on.

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8 Comments on "Wild Speculation: Green Bay Packers Sign Donte Whitner"

  1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

    A guy who wasn’t a seventh-round pick, a converted corner, a walk-on, or some scrub from a practice squad? Not on my team!

  2. vj

    My guess is they’ll take a safety early, Rds 1 or 2 and spend some dough on mid level players adding to the defensive line depth (of course after signing a few key FAs who were on our roster last season).

  3. BearDownPackUp

    Damn dude. He’s only 28 so we’d get him in his prime. It would also allow us to focus on a DT in the first round or perhaps even Mosley if he drops.

    Pick up Louis Nix III, let B.J. teach another team ‘how to Raji’. Pay3 of our other Free Agents with that money. Ball out. That’s the plan.

  4. lars

    “I wish. Our defense needs veteran leadership more than anything.”

    Sorry. Our defense needs a new coordinator more than anything. Vet leadership? What’s Hawk good for if not vet. leadership? Or Pickett and Williams?

  5. Most likely theyll sit back and do nothing..until after final cuts..then pick up some scrub..only to watch him suck…then sit with that confused look when people ask why they havent addressed that position. Oh wait how dare anyone question the ghost or mcfatty..we’re all just stupid spectators

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