It’s Safe to Say the Packers Blew it with Sam Shields

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Sam Shields

Sam Shields

The Green Bay Packers more or less threw up their hands last offseason and decided to let a bunch of guys play for their contract lives in 2013. One of those guys was cornerback Sam Shields.

All he did was go out and have his best season as a pro and establish himself as the team’s No. 1 corner. Now Sam Shields is going to make the Packers pay.

Today is the first day teams can use the franchise tag on players, which means the team has exclusive negotiating rights with the player. It also means the team has to give the player a one-year deal at the percentage against the current salary cap of the five highest salaries over the previous five seasons at his position. For cornerbacks that’s going to be about $11 million.

The Packers aren’t going to pay Shields that.

What’s somewhat more frustrating in this case is Shields’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, came to Green Bay to negotiate a long-term deal with the Packers last June. The Packers didn’t get that deal done, instead letting Shields play out his one-year restricted free agent tender for $2.023 million.

Negotiations have continued through the season and they’ll probably heat up again at the scouting combine, which begins later this week. However, you can bet your ass Rosenhaus isn’t going to cede anything to the Packers at this point.

Shields came into the league as an undrafted free agent and his original signing bonus was only $7,500. He’s going to get a much bigger signing bonus this time around, from the Packers or someone else.

Our best guess is Shields’ next contract will come in at between $5-7 million annually.

The Packers gambled and won in this very situation with soon-to-be free agents Jermichael Finley, B.J. Raji and Ryan Pickett, who have very little leverage if any at all at this point. They totally blew it in the same situation with Shields.

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34 Comments on "It’s Safe to Say the Packers Blew it with Sam Shields"

  1. CO Bob

    Decent but not an every game “difference maker”
    If they pay him big, he will likely relax and be a waste. Send him to the Vikings.

  2. Phatgzus

    Hindsight is 20/20 (10?); you can’t exactly say they (the Packers/TT) blew it because 1) we don’t know if Shields would have been as motivated to play as well as he did if he had received the amount he wanted; and 2) we don’t actually know how much total and guaranteed $ Shields wanted and how much the Packers were actually offering and how the contract was structured.
    It’s likely Shields will command more than he wouldve last season, but would his play this season and in the future have been as valuable if they had paid him last year? That we’ll never know, unless one of us is Doctor Who.

  3. douche baggins

    I’m sorry but shields is extremely overrated by packer nation. Id be cool with him as my #2 cb. NOT #1 on a team aspiring for the superbowl. Yeah hes fast but he is SO inconsistent and gambles too much.
    Furthermore, he played significantly better two seasons ago than this previous one, so saying they blew it and hes gonna cost more money now is kind of a stretch.

    What will happen:
    shields will get his play day and play decent but not spectacular until he is not a packer. he will be our #1 cb and our secondary will be burned time and time again as has been customary.
    Hes not the problem, but relying on someone who just isnt good enough to be your superstar is going to continue to lead to getting bounced early in the palyoffs.

  4. GBslacker

    “All he did was go out and have his best season as a pro and establish himself as the team’s No. 1 corner. Now Sam Shields is going to make the Packers pay.”

    I think context is important here.

    “Best season as a pro” is strictly measuring against himself — and he was wanting the season before last.

    “the team’s No. 1 corner” is strictly measuring against his teammates — and the secondary has had it’s problems, both this season and in recent past.

    I would have thought the Packers offered between 5-7 and the Rosenhaus camp wants something approaching the franchise-tag limits.

    I’m not sure he’s a difference maker — the guy that will make 2-3 plays a game and change it’s outcome. He’s close though.

  5. douche baggins

    “There are only about six or seven cornerbacks who average $10 million a year, led by Darrelle Revis, who is the highest-paid at exactly $16 million.” — from the urinal sentinel.

    franchise tag is gon na be around 11 mil, thats probably what shields and rosendouche are looking around.

    is shields a top 6 cb in the league? not even close if you ask me.
    HUGE mistake and waste of money if they blow it on him.

    • Phatgzus

      No, he’s not a shutdown corner, but he’s not all that far off-top 10 CB does not seem like an unreasonable description.
      Sherman, Haden, Peterson, Tillman, Revis, Flowers, and perhaps the Cromarties are better than he (he’s better than Talib, Jenkins, and Old Man Bailey IMHO) leaves him anywhere between 7th and 9th.

  6. GBslacker

    Does anyone know if Rosenhaus represents other current Packers? (yes, I have “googled” it. Despite thousands of “results” in a fraction of a second, I don’t have the info desired)

    • Phatgzus

      Bigby, Brandon and Grady Jackson, Javon Walker; just some players found on a cursory search, I’m sure that’s more.

      Interesting fact-may or may not be relevant to his reputation as the NFL’s Scott Boras-of his approximately 100 clientele, 24 of them, Shields included, went to the same school as he-The U. Makes one wonder if he’s more of a hardass negotiator for fellow alumni than most of his other clients.

      • GBslacker

        I was wondering more about the players currently on the roster.

        Seems as if Rosenhaus is not the factor he once was (or thought he was) and players have moved away from him.

        His tough guy act seems kinda phoney.

        • Phatgzus

          Ah, gotcha; yeah, it doesn’t seem to be any current Packers or many high-profile players seeking out his services (then again not something I tend to focus on…) ever since the TO and Javon Walker fiascos. Hopefully he’s over the hill, the NFL, and world for that matter, could do with a little bitter greed. Speaking of which, Roger Goodell just got paid $44M for his services, must’ve found a panacea for cancers or something…

  7. Iltarion

    This article came sooner than expected. I was expecting that a month or so from now, when Shields signs somewhere else, there would be an article on here from Monty about how the Packers blew it with Shields.

    Something I say all the time is that the media is typically one-sided in reporting on these things. Every contract negotiation takes TWO sides. For all we know, the Packers offered Shields good money last June, only to have Shields turn it down.

    It is quite possible that Shields WANTS to play somewhere else.

    Also, Shields was coming off a poor tackling season, and Casey Hayward was looking too good to keep on the bench. The Packers made the right move by waiting it out.

    I’ll hate losing Shields’ speed from a defense that needs more of exactly that, but the guy still doesn’t have the size to match up well against the WRs in this division.

    • rebelgb

      WORD. How dare you talk common sense to the brain dead Walking Dead on this website!!

      Does anyone here know what the Pack offered Shields (by the way an undrafted FA)? NO. And do you idiots not see who his agent is?

      Its very possible Drew has Shields believing he is worth much more than he is.

  8. Zippy Joe

    If the Packers signed Shields last offseason and he was injured or under performed this past season TT would get criticized for signing him. I think the Packers were unwilling to give him a big contract b/c he’s been inconsistent. He should get paid as top 15-20 cornerback. He’s good, not great.

    As for Raji, let him go. The Packers need to improve the D-line, especially if Jolly’s injury is serious.

  9. Bobby S

    Packers gambled and won with Raji?? Actually Raji gambled and lost. That’s because in spite of doing zero since ’10, Teddy offered him $8 million per. And now we’re mentioning franchise tagging a guy playing out his contract that was horrible last year. TT extends Burnett. Great results! Signs Brad Jones, ditto! Why come to an agreement within the 26 year old Shields when u have the 30 something $9.5 million Tramon? No way SS stays. That piece of shit agent’s going to bring him home to Miami…..

  10. Steven B

    sam shields 4.3 speed and age is keeping him in this “big money” bs he’s got good potential but he is not a top CB. Peterson, revis, sherman, both cromarties, hayden, flowers are on a whole other level them him, and the way the packers secondary has been burnt since he got there should let u kno tht. he made a couple big plays thts about it i like him alot but he needs to take around 5-7 mil a year. He’s a #2 corner not a number 1, and he needs not to forget about his big ass green bay packers neck tatoo. its way to big to cover up lol

    • Phatgzus

      A lot of that burning has been a result of poor safety coverage/tackling/communication or Davon House-might as well blame the president for the failures of Congress while we’re at it.
      Shields is a number 1 corner, and a good one at that.

      • Iltarion

        Terrible analogy since you absolutely can blame the President for the failures of Congress. The President also happens to be the leader of the majority in the Senate, by the way. That’s half of Congress.

  11. Savage57

    If Ted pisses away $11MM on this guy, the Packers are deservedly fucked in their plans to re-tool this defense.

    Fuck ‘im, let ‘im walk, I say. Save the $$ for a hungry dude waiting to make his chops in the league, not for someone looking to trade one decent season for a winning lottery ticket.

    We got Laurel and Hardy here, quick skinny and lazy-ass fatty looking for their agents to give them a reason not to play hard.

  12. bobsmith99

    Why does everyone think that Shields is going to just tank it after a big payday? The guy really had one down year (2nd year). He is an ascending player and is a proven playmaker on a defense that is severely lacking them. Until Hayward proven he is completely healthy, he can’t be trusted as a starter. Pay Shields, let Raji walk.

    • Phatgzus

      Can’t speak for anyone else, but for me it’s just a feeling. I dunno, maybe it’s all the tats, maybe it’s the fact he wen to The U, or that he chose Rosenbaus as his agent, maybe it’s the recent burns left by Raji and Burnett, or maybe it’s something else. Could be completely wrong, but for me, when a player makes a “big stink” about money, that indicates what’s most important to them, see Jermichael Finley.

  13. bobsmith99

    Corners do not grow on trees, that is why they are among the highest paid position players in the NFL.

  14. Phatgzus

    No, you really can’t as 1) the president does not appoint the members of Congress as they are elected officials; 2) he actually has no say via a vis Congressional or house enactments except for the power of veto (which only allows him to maintain the status quo except in extreme circumstances-his veto can be overruled-and thus is not the acting leader of either the Congress (Senate and House Majority Leaders); and 3) Congress requires a 2/3 majority for enactment of legislation (checks and balances) not 50%, so in reality, it’s the dissenting minority of Congree, or even the architects of the legislature, who are responsible for bills failing to become laws or budgets being passed, not the Executive Office.

    • Phatgzus

      Ultimately, the point is that much as the (nonspecific) president is part of a system that he does exert unilateral control over and thus is not solely responsible for, Shields is similarly only one part of a multifaceted system, of which he does not have dominion.

    • Iltarion

      It is called LEADERSHIP.

      Every president in US history has had an opposition to deal with, sometimes from within their own party.

      And every president has been judged based off legislation passed by Congress during their presidency. This one will eventually be no different.

      Maybe we should give FDR no credit for The New Deal. Hell, Congress passed that and he had no control over them. No credit to LBJ for The Great Society. Congress passed that.

      • Phatgzus

        The situations aren’t quite the same, sire. For one, The New Deal was at least partially FDR’s plan-it was the platform on which he electioneered. Secondly, Congress in the 1930s, though flawed and rife with corruption, actually operated more efficiently than it does today. In fact, the House and Senate are so inundated with petulant, bought-and-paid-for children who almost unwaveringly oppose one another simply on the basis that they are of another party, and not for their actual values, that it is newsworthy when a bipartisan committee actually drafts a bill, let alone enacting it by popular vote. Such an atmosphere makes it extremely difficult to lead and make progress (regardless of party). Finally, FDR absolutely deserves some of the credit, however, the Congress of that passed the bill should receive much more of it than it does, perhaps even moreso than FDR. Unfortunately for them, this will not happen because history immortalizes the most notable names, in no small part because of their accomplishments, but also largely because they are the most well known and the average person (those who relate the history to younger generations) is not nearly as knowledgeable of those who are not in the public .

  15. Who cares..go talk politics somewhere else!! Why burnett was extended is beyond me..he had basically done nothing to deserve it..if the ghost doesnt try to upgrade the safety position..then fuck him..this guy will not watch another season of this miscommunicated no tackling no covering confused defense until those turds are gone!!!

  16. Troy hawley

    Sam will DEFINITELY be back! Thompson will NOT let him get away… not if he values his job that is… he signs his “star players”.. no worries Packer Nation.

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