Packers will Make Signing Jordy Nelson a Priority

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Jordy Nelson commercial

Jordy Nelson commercial

You can file this one under: No Shit, Sherlock. We thought we’d tell you about it anyway. The NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Green Bay Packers will make signing receiver Jordy Nelson to a contract extension one of their top offseason priorities.

That shouldn’t be news to you if you peruse this space regularly. As we’ve detailed on more than one occasion, Nelson is entering the last year of his deal (and so are Randall Cobb and Jarrett Boykin, for that matter).

He, along with Cobb, will be priorities for new deals this summer.

Rapoport’s numbers don’t quite mesh with ours, which say Jordy’s 2014 base will be $3.05 million. Bonuses will likely take his total compensation to $3.5 million.

At any rate, the Packers have a few more pressing matters to handle before they get around to Nelson.

They need to decide what they’re going to do about their current free agent class. That group includes the likes of James Jones, Sam Shields, Jermichael Finley, Johnny Jolly, Evan Dietrich-Smith and John Kuhn, along with some other guys who can probably piss off and go underachieve somewhere else.

The Packers scored big-time when they signed Nelson to his last contract. It was for four years and averaged just over $3 million per season. Obviously, Jordy has outperformed that deal.

Also obvious — the Packers aren’t going to get off so cheaply this time around.

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13 Comments on "Packers will Make Signing Jordy Nelson a Priority"

  1. starr57

    Don’t let Jordy play out his contract!!!!!

    Sign him to an extension, the salary cap can be manipuilated so much easier by extending players.

    GUARANTEED MONEY!!!! That’s what it is about.
    Jordy deserves all he can get, it’s just the way he gets it is the important fact.

  2. the real russ letlow

    Jordy deserves the $$$$, he’s earned it. Pay up on Cobb before the season and he’ll be a little cheaper.

  3. Phatgzus

    $3.5M in the final year for one of the beat receivers in the game, if that’s not one of the most team-friendly contracts (yeah, yeah Russell Wilson’s got him beat) in the league, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

    Pay all 3 of ’em if you can, especially since Boykin’s very possibly going to have a breakout year (assuming JJ is gone) wouldn’t be surprised if he outpaces Jones’ career-best yardage output.

  4. vj

    Oh, so I see how it is…Whitey gotta go and pay his Whitey friends big money first and we neg@@@s don’t get squat!

  5. Savage57

    I want Ian Rappaport’s job. He is making decent bank for going around looking like a dick that got kicked out of his sorority and telling NFL fans nothing but things they’re aware of or just taking a flyer and trying to stir the shit-pot.

    I think Monty is dead-on. NFL Network has to create a “Shit You Already Know” slot for him on Total Assess.

  6. rebelgb

    Look people get mad at me for my inflammatory racial posts all the time…but lets get real on this one:

    If Jordy was a negro, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. The guy is one of the best in the NFL.

    • Phatgzus

      Really not so much a discussion as it is everyone saying the same thing: “Pay the man”.

      Furthermore, based on your comments about Cobb and previous statements, yours is not an issue of race, but one of socioeconics, which is ultimately grounded in illogical, antediluvian racial discrimination. Have your opinions, that’s your right (so long as it doesn’t infringe on those of others), but this is not the place, just drop it, we’ll all be the better for it.

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